“Land of Women” Episode 4 Trailer: Fred’s betrayal sets a dangerous trap for one key character

Contains spoilers for “Land of Women” Episode 4

BARCELONA, SPAIN: “Land of Women” grows more intense with each episode, revealing a web of secrets waiting to unravel.

As Gala (Eva Longoria) navigates the financial turmoil caused by her husband’s actions, each revelation introduces new challenges and unexpected twists.

Gala once enjoyed a luxurious and ideal life in New York. However, everything turned upside down when her husband, Fred (James Purefoy), borrowed $15 million from a criminal organization.

Gala left New York and arrived in La Muga to protect her daughter, Kate (Victoria Bazua), and her mother, Julia (Carmen Maura).

In “Land of Women” Episode 4, Fred’s betrayal poses a significant danger to Gala and her family. There is a lot to discover. So, let’s jump in!

Is Fred cheating on Gala?

Fred leaves Gala in trouble
James Purefoy as Fred and Eva Longoria as Gala in “Land of Women” painting (@appletv+)

“Land of Women” Episode 4 finally sheds light on Fred’s character, revealing his motivations, actions, and the consequences of his decisions.

“Land of Women” Episode 4 opens with a flashback to Kate’s birth with Fred in Mexico, leaving a pregnant Gala alone.

Gala calls Julie for support during childbirth, seeking reassurance and guidance as she navigates the challenges and emotions of bringing her child into the world.

Julie did not attend Gala and Fred’s wedding because she saw Fred flirting with an event planner.

This sheds light on Fred’s true nature, suggesting the possibility that he was in Mexico cheating on Gala when she needed his support the most.

His absence during such a crucial time in Gala’s life raises questions about his priorities and commitment to their marriage.

Eva Longoria like Gala and Carmen Maura like Julia in a photo film of
Eva Longoria as Gala and Carmen Maura as Julia in a “Land of Women” photo shoot (@appletv+)

In “Land of Women” Episode 3, Gala discovers through Fred’s email that he was involved with another woman who was wearing her necklace.

That revelation shakes Gala, exposing Fred’s infidelity and betrayal in a deeply personal way.

Although Gala has not uncovered intimate details, it becomes increasingly apparent in Episode 4 that Fred has been unfaithful long before the recent revelations.

Flirting with another woman at their wedding suggests that Fred may never have loved Gala. It is possible that Fred deliberately left Gala behind in a dangerous situation because he wanted to end their marriage.

This behavior could indicate Fred’s desire to create circumstances that lead to separation or divorce, either to pursue his interests freely or to avoid the responsibilities and challenges of their marriage.

James Purefoy as Fred in a still from
James Purefoy as Fred in “Land of Women” photo shoot (@appletv+)

Fred’s decision to borrow $15 million from a criminal organization to invest in Gala’s wine business also raises significant questions about his motives and actions.

By involving himself in financial dealings with illegal groups, Fred may be setting the stage to separate from Gala.

Will Gala ever find Fred?

Gala's closest relatives to plot against her in
Eva Longoria as Gala in “Land of Women” photo shoot (@appletv+)

Fred’s debt to a criminal organization puts Gala and her family’s safety at risk, connecting them to dangerous individuals who could threaten their well-being and safety in La Muga.

In “Land of Women” Episode 4, Gala is confronted by two men from the criminal organization who demand that she speak to their boss.

During the video call, Gala learns the truth: Fred owes a significant amount of money to Tony (Ben Temple).

After checking Fred’s emails, Gala discovers that he took his mistress to the place where he originally promised to take Gala for their anniversary.

Gala shares that information with Tony, but it seems unlikely that Tony will catch Fred there. Fred is incredibly intelligent and has been in hiding for a long time, making it difficult for Tony to locate him.

It is also possible that Fred and his lover were playing a game the whole time through their email exchanges, perhaps hiding their actual location.

The emails could be part of their strategy to deceive both Tony and Gala, casting doubt on Fred’s real location and complicating efforts to apprehend him.

Kate's search to find a way back to her home leads to tension with Gala en
Eva Longoria as Gala and Victoria Bazua as Kate in a “Land of Women” photo shoot (@appletv+)

If Tony doesn’t find Fred, Gala may find herself responsible for paying the debt, which could present a significant challenge.

The amount owed is large, and Gala’s financial situation is already precarious, as she does not have enough money to rent a house. It would be interesting to see how Tony and Gala later locate Fred.

“Land of Women” Episode 4 is now streaming on Apple TV+.

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