‘Land of Women’: What is Julia hiding? A dark truth could make her life hell

Contains spoilers for “Land of Women”

BARCELONA, SPAIN: The first three episodes of ‘Lando de Women’ have officially aired on Apple TV+, and viewers are already seeing Gala’s (Eva Longoria) life descend into chaos due to her husband’s financial problems.

Gala once enjoyed a luxurious and ideal life in New York. However, everything changed when her husband, Fred (James Purefoy), took a $15 million loan from a criminal organization.

Gala left New York to protect her daughter, Kate (Victoria Bazua), and her mother, Julia (Carmen Maura), from criminals. They sought refuge in La Muga, a small, rural village in Spain.

Julia spent her childhood and a significant part of her adult life in La Muga. However, she left the city after becoming pregnant without being married. It seems that Julia’s hostility, because many women dislike her, will lead to more trouble.

What happened between Julia and Mariona?

Carmen Maura as Julia in a still of
Carmen Maura as Julia in a “Land of Women” photo shoot (@appletv+)

When Julia returned to La Muga, Mariona (Gloria Muñoz) did not even offer her help; instead, she despised her. Mariona sold the family home to Amat (Santiago Cabrera).

Despite being Julia’s sister, Mariona harbored a strong resentment against her because Julia left La Muga without staying in touch.

However, it seems that there is a deeper reason behind Mariona’s hostility towards Julie. It’s unlikely that simply not staying in touch caused her hatred. It seems that Mariona knows Julia’s secret, that’s why she hates her so much.

In “Land of Women” Episode 3, Mariona discovered that Julia was sexually involved with Mariona’s husband, Andreu (Pep Anton Muñoz), when they were young. After Julia left La Muga, Andreu married Mariona.

Gloria Muñoz as Mariona in a photo of
Gloria Muñoz as Mariona in a “Land of Women” photo shoot (@appletv+)

Mariona pretended to have just learned the truth, but there is a strong possibility that she has known about Julia’s past relationship with Andreu from their youth for a long time. Mariona’s feelings for Andreu could indeed be the real reason for her hatred of Julia.

Mariona might fear that Julia’s return might rekindle Andreu’s attraction to her. Therefore, she wants to close any possibility of Julia staying in La Muga and is determined to send her away.

Mariona could work with other women in the village. Together, they may conspire to create difficulties for Gala and Julie, perhaps through gossip and social exclusion. Mariona was able to manipulate public perception against Julia, portraying her as a source of scandal and disruption in La Muga.

What was in Julia’s past?

Carmen Maura as Julia in a still of
Carmen Maura as Julia in a “Land of Women” photo shoot (@appletv+)

In the past, Julia was sexually involved with various men in La Muga. She had quite a dating history with almost every man in La Muga. This may have aroused jealousy and resentment among the local women. It is possible that some women in the town look down on her because she attracted her lovers or had affairs with her boyfriends in the past.

It is obvious that Julie has an amnesia problem that affects her ability to remember most parts of her life, including her romantic relationships.

It is possible that Julia became pregnant in the past due to sexual exploitation but she cannot remember due to amnesia. This past incident could have forced her to leave La Muga during her youth. This incident could be shrouded in mystery, known to the local women but forgotten by Julia herself due to her condition.

The incident could be a big part of Julia’s life, especially since she does not remember who Gala’s father is.

Such a story could explain why Mariona sold the family house to Amat without even informing her. In a small place like La Muga, reputation and family name can be of significant importance. Mariona, aware of this, can be particularly careful about anything that could harm their family name.

How to stream ‘Land of Women’?

Eva Longoria as Gala, Victoria Bazua as Kate, Carmen Maura as Julia in a photo of
Eva Longoria as Gala, Victoria Bazua as Kate, Carmen Maura as Julia in a “Land of Women” photo shoot (@appletv+)

“Land of Women” Episodes 1-3 are currently available for streaming on Apple TV+. New Episodes of “Land of Women” will be released every Wednesday, offering viewers a weekly dose of drama, comedy, romance and suspense.

With a competitive pricing structure, enjoy all the entertainment of Apple TV+ for a monthly subscription fee, making high-quality content accessible to a wide audience.

The base price of Apple TV+ is $9.99 per month. For this payment, viewers gain access to the platform’s full library of original series and movies.

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