LeBron James Can Create An NBA Record That Michael Jordan Never Even Came Close To Accomplishing

The comparisons between LeBron James and Michael Jordan never seem to end. Almost every basketball fan in the world should know a lot about Jordan and LeBron. After all, the two of them have dominated the GOAT discussion for several years.

While the majority of veteran fans continue to maintain that Michael Jordan is a far greater player compared to LeBron, public opinion has shifted more towards King James in recent times. In fact, the latest reports indicate that the 4x NBA champion has the ability to set a record that Michael Jordan never came close to achieving. That said, let’s take a closer look and find out more.

LeBron James will tie Vince Carter for the longest NBA career ever next season

Due to the increasing amount of accomplishments that LeBron James is acquiring toward the back end of his career, the GOAT conversation continues to be pushed as an agenda. Both sides have so far somewhat equal footing in this debate. After all, Jordan has won more titles but doesn’t own the longevity records that LeBron has amassed.

Now, LeBron appears to be on the verge of receiving the ultimate longevity award. It is very rare for an NBA star to stay in the league for 2 seasons, let alone play at a high level. The only other player who has spent more seasons in the NBA than LeBron is Vince Carter.

Carter played for 22 seasons and ended his career a few years ago. LeBron James will be in Year 22 of his own career this coming season. If the Lakers star makes it through this season and next, he will hold the top spot for most NBA seasons played. This might also lead some fans to wonder why Michael Jordan never even came close to this record.

Why was Michael Jordan only in the NBA for 15 seasons?

Michael Jordan’s time in the NBA was very different compared to current times. Just the sheer physicality of that generation added to no real concept of load management inadvertently led to players having shorter careers. In addition, Jordan is the only athlete in league history to retire three times.

Jordan took an unexpected break by announcing retirement after every three-pointer with the Chicago Bulls. That means he missed over 4 seasons of basketball, with some of those seasons expected to have been him in his absolute prime.

Considering also that Michael Jordan did not reach the NBA right out of high school, it makes sense that his seasons in the league are fewer compared to LeBron. After all, King James was already in Year 3 of his career when he was 21 years old. On the other hand, Jordan just made his NBA debut at that age. These are the reasons Jordan’s career lasted only 15 seasons.

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