LeBron James Tells The World How Bronny James Feels About The Negativity Directed At Him


  • Bronny James officially began his career as a professional NBA player with the Lakers.
  • LeBron James claims his son doesn’t care about the criticism people have had about his game.

LeBron James has been busy with some work for the 2024 Paris Summer Olympics. In the midst of his chaotic life that almost revolves around basketball if not for his family, James’ eldest son, Bronny James has just been selected to play in the NBA. The 19-year-old was the 55th pick in this year’s draft class to the Los Angeles Lakers.

However, the former USC Trojans point guard faced a lot of criticism from fans and experts around the world. People are convinced that Bronny’s career is a product of nepotism while some others do not believe that he has what it takes to succeed. LeBron recently Dave McMenamin and SportsCenter to address everything the James clan has been through since draft night, including how Bronny is dealing with the hate.

LeBron James seems proud of how Bronny James handles the pressure

If there’s one thing Bronny James should do, it’s avoid having the criticism smeared all over his name while only paying attention to his craft and growth. LeBron claims that Bronny has already mastered the art of being ignorant of humiliating comments.

he said, β€œI don’t know if people really understand Bronny, he doesn’t care. I was actually a little worried when I walked in. I wanted people to like me. And some of the things people said about me kind of bothered me earlier in my career.” James added, β€œHe doesn’t give a f**k. He doesn’t. Bronny plays, he works his tail off, when he’s done he goes home and plays video games. He doesn’t care about anybody… he’s like the complete opposite of his father.”

Overall, Bronny has been going through some tough times in the last year or so, which is why he’s been facing a lot of criticism lately. LeBron is proud of the way his son chooses to handle the pressure. β€œFor him to come out of heart surgery less than a year ago [to] to be able to be in the NBA. The kid, he’s special,” said the 4x NBA Champion. The Lakers superstar also believes that Bronny has all the options in the world when it comes to choosing a path in life, which he claims is harder than not having too many options.

The James family felt very emotional to hear Bronny James’ name being called

We’ve probably seen the videos of Bronny James and his entire entourage celebrating the moment NBA Deputy Commissioner Mark Tatum called his name. Being selected by the Lakers was probably what made the moment even more special as he is now preparing to play alongside LeBron James. The King himself said it was an emotional moment because Bronny didn’t expect much from it.

β€œIt was very emotional. It was very emotional to hear… I mean that’s been his dream for quite some time that he wants to play in the NBA,” said James. He stated that Bronny just wanted to hear his name called. He added, “And for it to happen, you know we’re all together and for him to be able to hear his name called in the NBA draft is a moment we’ll never forget.”

Bronny had a decent debut with the summer team of the LA Lakers. He finished with 4 points, 2 rebounds, and 2 assists including a steal on 2-9 shooting. James did not appear in his second game due to a knee ailment that should subside for the Lakers’ final California Classic game against the Miami Heat.

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