LeBron James Won’t Follow His Son If He’s Drafted To A Different Team

A senior NBA Insider recently made a statement indicating that LeBron James’ future in the NBA will not be tied to his son Bronny. As most members of the basketball community should be aware, LeBron completed Year 21 of his NBA career this season and is believed to be at the back end of his career.

Over the past few years, LeBron has made his desire to play alongside his son before retiring abundantly clear to the media and the general public. This led the NBA world to believe that LeBron would leave the Lakers and join whichever team made the decision to draft Bronny. However, recent reports reveal that things are simply not that simple. That said, it is necessary to take a closer look at the situation.

Shams Charania reveals that picking Bronny may not guarantee getting LeBron James

Shams Charania is a well-known partner between the league, media, and the general public. He has emerged as one of the most trusted and reliable sources for breaking news across the NBA. Shams recently came out and shared his stance that LeBron would not leave the Lakers and join any team that ended up drafting Bronny.

“That’s the thinking and it wouldn’t surprise me if a team reached out to Rich Paul or anyone else around Bronny James or LeBron James himself and said if we draft Bronny James, will you come too. And the answer for that will be no. Currently that is not a given. That is not something that will be predetermined…”

Charania definitely makes a valid point. It wouldn’t do LeBron James any good to promise to join any team that would make the decision to draft Bronny James. After all, LeBron is still looking to compete for an NBA championship and may prefer to win another ring than join a lower-tier franchise with younger stars just so his son can get a chance to enter the NBA.

Which team is most interested in getting Bronny James?

At this point, there are several teams around the league that would seriously consider drafting Bronny James just to have LeBron join them. However, Sham’s report may make teams reconsider this idea quite significantly. After all, using a valuable draft pick in hopes of getting LeBron but failing to do so would not be profitable for any team in the league.

The Los Angeles Lakers are definitely a team that will want to draft Bronny. After all, they would rather keep LeBron James on their roster for his last few seasons in the NBA. Additionally, Bronny can still be considered a wildcard at this point and could develop beyond current expectations.

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However, it is also possible for the Lakers to help Shams and LeBron in this matter and focus on making big moves to bring a star onto their roster by giving up their draft pick. In that case, LeBron will have a difficult decision to make but is expected to stay with the team that gives him a better chance to win than joining any team just to play alongside his son.

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