Lionel Messi Realized the Dream of Carlos Alcaraz With a Touching Gesture

Lionel Messi’s accolades and genius speak volumes for the greatness of the man on the pitch. The unparalleled success of the 37-year-old has made him a household name within the football community, which continues to be amazed by the Argentine. Even off the field, Messi’s humility does not fail to capture the hearts of football players.

One of the greatest qualities instilled in Lionel Messi is to stay down to earth even after all the achievements he has conquered in his illustrious career. Such modesty earned him respect not only within the football world but also from the members of different arenas. Spanish tennis superstar, Carlos Alcaraz was a recipient of Messi’s touching nature, which will surely stay with him for the rest of his life.

Carlos Alcaraz gets a huge surprise from Lionel Messi

Alcaraz and Messi were both present at the 2023 Laureus World Sports Awards. While being interviewed on the red carpet, the Spaniard could not contain his excitement and joy at seeing the football icon so close to him, โ€œIt’s crazy to see him here meters away from me. It’s crazy, it’s crazy, honestly”. Naturally nervous, Alcaraz was too shy to take the step himself to meet Messi.

The former Barcelona man, however, made a dream come true for the current world number three by greeting him and sharing a little conversation. Messi was awarded the World Sportsman of the Year award while Carlos Alcaraz was recognized as the Breakthrough Star of the Year during the award ceremony. Carlo Alcaraz is a die-hard football follower and has often been seen supporting his home club, Real Madrid.

Fans express their amazement and respect for Lionel Messi’s humility

People who follow soccer and especially Lionel Messi are no strangers to the innocence of the little man in general. Perhaps, this is what makes Messi the favorite of millions of supporters around the world. His gesture with Alcaraz was just one of his countless such actions since he began his career as a professional. “This guy’s ability to be so humble will always be the most admirable thing about him”was the reaction of one of his devoted fans.

During the last two decades, the rise of soccer’s popularity witnessed a direct link with the rise of Messi’s stardom. The eight-time Ballon d’Or winner attracts an audience wherever he goes, which undoubtedly wouldn’t have been possible without his ability to remain calm and respectful even with his unequaled honors and titles.

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