Lisa Rinna Dubbed ‘Desperate Housewife’ As ‘RHOBH’ Alum Sheds All Clothes In Her ‘Sex After 60’ Post

BEVERLY HILLS, CALIFORNIA: “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” alum Lisa Rinna has once again turned heads on the Internet by posing nude.

The star uploaded a photo of herself on Saturday evening where Lisa is seen posing while lying on the bed.

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Lisa’s skin tone showed up in the photo as she posed for the camera while lying on the red colored sheets.

Wearing fishnet stockings and high-waisted flip-flops, the “RHOBH” star had no other clothing on her body.

She covered her breasts with her bare hands as Lisa gave the camera a dead look. Lisa hashtagged the photo with the caption “S*x after 60.” She wrote “unretouched” under her photo.

As Lisa posed with nothing covering her body, many social media users wondered if it was just another stunt to gain publicity.

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One commented: “Desperate Xhousewife.”

Another joked: “Alexa plays ‘I Touch Myself’ by the Divinyls.”

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One furious user commented: “You really don’t have to do anything to find work.”

Another criticized her, saying: “Why does she need this kind of attention? This is not in good taste at all.

One user made fun of her and wrote: “Very sweet. She has nothing to hide.”

“Dripping with despair!” » commented one of them.

Another said: “I don’t want any other body, when I think of you I touch myself.” »

One asked: “Why??? You’re a businesswoman, how do you want to be taken seriously?”

Lisa Rinna, former
‘RHOBH’ Alum Lisa Rinna Slammed for Posing Nude (Instagram/@lisarinna)

‘RHOBH’ Alum Lisa Rinna Gets Candid About Sex After 60

Lisa covers Cosmopolitan’s new “S*x After 60” issue. She thinks about how hormones change as we age. However, for Lisa, it seems that she has gotten closer to her sexual desires.

When asked how Lisa’s sex life changed as she grew up, she said, “It’s an interesting question because as we get older our hormones change and we change.”

She says that after menopause, women no longer expect to have children and therefore there is no need to think about having babies while having intimate time with their partner.

Lisa adds: “You’re not that crazy sexually motivated, you just aren’t.” Speaking about her relationship with sex, Lisa says: “I think without them life is just miserable. They really helped me feel good about myself.”

Lisa Rinna, former
‘RHOBH’ Alumna Lisa Rinna Opens Up About Her Sexual Desires After 60 (Instagram/@lisarinna)

‘RHOBH’ Star Lisa Rinna Takes HRT to Spice Up Her Sex Life After 60

It was revealed that ‘RHOBH’ alumna Lisa was taking HRT (hormone replacement therapy) after her menopause. At first, the former reality TV star was afraid of it because HRT was thought to be the cause of her mother’s cancer.

“I didn’t take hormones at the start of menopause and I was really suffering,” Lisa said. However, doctors suggested to him: “If you don’t take hormones, your hair will fall out.” Your skin will be dry. You won’t be able to have sex because your vagina will be very dry and you. I will take two antidepressants at 60 and it will be too late. »

This helped Lisa decide to take HRT. Lisa says, “If I want to have a better life by taking them, I’m going to do it. If you took away my hormones, I’d probably kill you. I really think they are useful in many areas. manners.”

“RHOBH” alum Lisa Rinna takes HRT after 60 (Instagram/@lisarinna)
“RHOBH” alum Lisa Rinna takes HRT after 60 (Instagram/@lisarinna)

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