Los Angeles Lakers Are No Longer the Go-to Destination for Free Agents, Here’s Why

Would it be fair to claim that several NBA stars who have become free agents in recent times simply have little or no interest in joining the Los Angeles Lakers? Almost all fans with an understanding of the history of the league know that the Lakers and Celtics are considered basketball royalty and are the most successful franchises ever.

While all teams in the NBA have enough money to sign a free agent, the whole process involves a lot of attraction. After all, a star looking to switch teams is likely to be lured by the city and the glamour. Over the years, the Lakers have managed to add several legends to their roster due to the fact that they have been an attractive destination for free agents.

However, things do not seem to be the same in the present times. In fact, one could argue that the Lakers are a team that most free agents would avoid joining. Because Laker Nation fans will want to know why, a closer and more detailed analysis would be helpful.

The Lakers just missed out on getting Klay Thompson and Buddy Hield

There is no getting away from the fact that LeBron and the Los Angeles Lakers have not competed for an NBA title. The team clearly has a long way to go and needs to make significant upgrades to change their current situation. Although moves like signing JJ Redick as head coach, drafting Bronny James or offering LeBron a new contract are not useless, they certainly do not have much effect on improving the Lakers.

Anyone who has followed this offseason will know that the Lakers haven’t made any significant upgrades. Although they were said to be a potential destination for stars like Klay Thompson or Buddy Hield, none of them ended up making it there.

Considering that the Lakers have always been considered an attractive destination for free agents, fans have to wonder why things have changed in recent times. Although there is no way to know for sure, it is possible that the presence of LeBron James on this team caused this effect.

What role does LeBron James play in “selling” the Los Angeles Lakers?

In all fairness, LeBron received several established stars to the Los Angeles Lakers such as Anthony Davis, Russell Westbrook, Carmelo Anthony, Dwight Howard, and others. However, critics will agree that the presence of LeBron made it difficult for the Lakers to attract other stars. After all, playing alongside LeBron can be considered a double-edged sword.

After all, any success will be credited to LeBron while the failures will be blamed on the other members of the Lakers roster. There will also be a lot more pressure to win an NBA championship for any star looking to join LeBron in Los Angeles. Fans are left wondering what the Lakers roster would look like today if LeBron had never taken his talent there.

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