“Love Island USA” alum Kassy Castillo returns to bring mayhem as she explores romance with Rob Rausch

MAMANUCA ISLANDS, Fiji: “Love Island USA” Season 5 alum Kassy Castillo is back for Season 6 of the Peacock revival show, looking for a second shot at love after her romance with Leonardo Dionicio didn’t work out. During the “Aftersun” episode, Kassy shared that she was “single” and it was the “perfect” time to find love.

Kassy shared that while the Season 6 boys caught her eye, her interest may be leaning towards Rob Rausch. She explained, “Just because I know him… There’s a bit of history.” She added, “We knew each other last summer. In Casa, we tried to explore but he was more into Carmen and I was more into Matia.”

However, Kassy further revealed that this time, she is focusing on forming a “strong bond” and a “real bond.” However, the Peacock Show star also mentioned that while she’s interested in Rob Rausch, she also wants to get to know Kendall Washington and Miguel Harichi.

She explained, “Kendall might be a little more closed off but even so, he was kind of open to Sierra… So, yeah, he’s a good-looking guy, let’s be honest. Kassy especially loved Miguel’s accent and noted, “But I think , that he should also really show me that he is looking for something serious.

Kassy Castillo will return to 'Love Island USA'
Kassy Castillo will return for “Love Island USA” Season 6 (@pavo)

Kassy Castillo reflects on her split with Leonardo Dionicio

Kassy Castillo and Leonardo Dionicio had a whirlwind and dramatic romance on “Love Island USA” Season 5, even making it to the finale. Unfortunately, their relationship did not last outside the Fiji villa. Recently, Kassy reflected on their split and suggested that Leo might be “shocked” when he finds out about her last gig.

Kassy also hoped Leo would be “rooting” for her and “supporting” her. She revealed that their relationship just “didn’t work out” adding, “We didn’t end things on the best terms.” Kassy elaborated, “It’s just… a long distance, and if I’m being honest, the minute I got out, it; it’s like rose-colored glasses came off, and I realized that I couldn’t really get over what happened. .”

Kassy further noted, “Bittersweet, but it was also a learning lesson for both.” Additionally, the star of the Peacock show noted that she is not on speaking terms with her ex-beau Leo.

Kassy Castillo reflects on her split with Leonardo Dionicio (@pavo)
“Love Island USA” star Kassy Castillo reflects on her breakup with Leonardo Dionicio (@pavo)

Rob Rausch brings bomb Daniela Rivera during Casa recoupling

“Love Island USA” Season 6 islander Rob Rausch addressed a hookup with Daniela Rivera on the very last day of Casa Amor after his BFF Aaron Evans appeared to be torn between Daniela and his OG connection Kaylor Martin. However, Rob shared about his love for Daniela and noted, “We kind of clicked. I don’t know. She’s kind of funny.”

The Peacock show islander added, “Like, she made me laugh. I made her laugh and I just enjoyed talking to her. So, I had a good time.” However, Rob revealed during Casa’s payback, “Honestly, I really like her outlook on life and her values, and I like talking to her.” He expressed his desire to get to know Daniela better and felt that he could not do so unless he brought her back to the villa with him.

Rob Rausch reflects on his relationship with Daniela Rivera (@pavo)
“Love Island USA” Season 6 star Rob Rausch reflects on his relationship with Daniela Rivera (@pavo)

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