“Love Island USA” alums Carrington Rodriguez and Leo Dionicio spark rumored Season 6 comeback

MAMANUCA ISLANDS, Fiji: “Love Island USA” Season 6 “Aftersun” host, Maura Higgins, recently teased that two Peacock show alums will return to the latest episode to stir up drama and bring chaos to the Fiji villa. However, Maura also shared that the identities of the alumni will be revealed during the upcoming “Aftersun” episode.

Although viewers have to wait until Saturday, there is speculation about Season 2 alum Carrington Rodriguez and Season 5 star Leonardo ‘Leo’ Dionicio. Carrington recently returned to “Love Island Games” to find love and win a huge cash prize but he failed dramatically in both.

Leo has been very active on his social media and most of his recent posts are reactions to the Peacock show drama. He also dropped comments below the first look tests. Moreover, he recently enjoyed an exciting trip to Fiji to appear on “Aftersun” where he could have received an offer to appear as a bombshell on the dating show.

Meanwhile, a Reddit user claimed in a thread, “My bets are on Leo and Carrington.” Another person added, “Probably Carrington, but unpopular opinion: I find him boring. Idk who else they would bring. Hopefully someone who will bring chaos.” Another viewer suggested, “Manifesting Carrington for Leah.”

Another netizen wrote, “I’m almost sure one will be Carrington. I feel the other would be a girl. If they want a girl who will bring chaos then phoebe would be a good choice 😭😂.” Another critic noted, “Leo’s (s5) fans were all over his ig story and he kept saying never know if you think I should. Plus he’s already been to Fiji for sunset, and he still seems to be on vacation.. never know.”

“Love Island USA” Season 6 “Aftersun” host, Maura Higgins teased surprise arrivals (@pavo)

Why did Leo Dionicio and Kassy Castillo break up?

Leo Dionicio started a romance with Kassy Castillo in Season 5 of “Love Island USA”. The duo who got hitched on the very first day have gone through multiple ups and downs during their relationship on the Peacock show. However, they left the Fiji villa together but decided to split soon.

Leo took to his social media and announced the breakup. He wrote, “Kassy and I are no longer together. No bad blood between us, It just didn’t work out anymore and distance was a big factor.” He added, “Thank you all for the support throughout our journey this summer, as we are both very grateful for the experience.”

“Love Island USA” Season 5 couple Kassy Castillo and Leonardo Dionicio (Instagram/@loveislandusa)

Carrington Rodriguez failed at his second charm in “Love Island Games” season 1

After his failed romance in “Love Island USA” Season 2, Carrington Rodriguez gave a second try at romance in “Love Island Games” Season 1. However, he dramatically failed at his second time charm in the Peacock revival show spin-off.

Carrington was linked with Kyra Green but she ditched Carrington for Megan Barton-Hanson, making the show’s first ever same-sex couple. However, after the two failed attempts, Carrington is able to give a third shot at love in the Peacock revival show.

The star of
“Carrington Rodriguez failed at his second charm in ‘Love Island Games’ season 1 (Instagram/@CarringtonRodriguez)

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