“Love Island USA” season 6 Serena Page loses it with Kordell Beckham’s “apology” breakfast

MAMANUCA, Fiji: In a tense moment after Casa Amor’s betrayal on ‘Love Island USA’, Serena Page found herself face to face with Kordell Beckham, who tried to make amends. With a breakfast gesture meant to conciliate, Kordell hoped to repair the trust Serena had given him during his time away. However, Serena, still reeling from the heartbreaking betrayal, was in no mood to accept his gestures of peace.

In a sharp and emotional outburst, she attacked Kordell, telling him to “get out of her face”. The pain of Kordell’s disloyalty was raw, leaving Serena unwilling to entertain any reconciliation at that moment. Kordell left Casa Amor with bombshell Daia McGhee, only to dump Serena in the villa who remained loyal to him despite all the temptations.

Serena Page calls out the crush on Kordell Beckham’s Casa Amor

In a dramatic moment on “Love Island USA” Season 6, Serena Page confronted Kordell Beckham after discovering his romance with Casa Amor bombshell Daia McGhee. Serena, visibly upset and hurt, directly addressed Kordell’s betrayal, questioning his actions and loyalty. She expressed deep disappointment, calling him out for quickly moving on with someone else despite their bond in the villa.

“The first b****h that pays attention to you, you act like this?” she said, “If you think you’re going to come back to this b*** and cheat on me?” Serena added, “The man is finished.” “What’s that smell… It smells like b *** h, It’s wrappers, I’m ready to rip him to f **** g pieces,” Serena continued.

Fans of the 6th season of
“Love Island USA” Season 6 Kordell Beckham and Serena Page (@pavo)

Kordell Beckham says hooking up with Daia McGhee is ‘scary’

Kordell Beckham has opened up about his feelings for Casa Amor bombshell Daia McGhee, describing their relationship as both exciting and heartbreaking. He expressed that their bond felt intense and rapidly developing, which he found a little scary but also exciting. “Obviously I was thinking about Serena, like, I’m wearing the ring she gave me, you know.” Kordell said, “With Serena, it took so long to get where we are now but with Daia, it’s only two days where it’s f*****g….it’s scary in a good way.”

“I feel like me and Daia connect really well, I like what our bond is,” he added.

Kordell and Daia get closer in Casa Amor (@pavo)
Kordell Beckham and Daia get closer in Casa Amor (@pavo)

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