“Love Island USA” season 6 Serena Page slams Kordell Beckham’s “fraud” amid Casa reunion

MAMANUCA ISLANDS, Fiji: Season 6 “Love Island USA” islander Serena Page was recently left heartbroken and devastated after she watched the video of Kordell Beckham kissing and getting intimate with Casa Amor bombshell, Daia McGhee.

She tried to hold back her emotions that seemed to come out before Casa’s reunion. Serena called Kordell and said, “The first b****h that pays attention to you, you act like that?” She added, “If you think you’re going to come back to this b*** and cheat on me?” Serena further stated, “The man is finished.”

She dug up Kordell in the confessional and noted, “What’s that smell… It smells like b***h.” The Peacock show star further announced, “It’s wraps, I’m ready to rip him to f****g shreds.” However, Leah Kateb shared about Casa’s reunion drama, “This villa is going to be on fire with Serena adding, ‘And I think I might be the one to start the fire.'” She also said, “This bullshit it’s about to shake the world.”

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Will “Love Island USA” 6 star Serena Page dump Kordell Beckham?

“Love Island USA” star Serena Page predicts Serena Page will dump Kordell Beckham after she found out about his Casa Amor cheating. Although she had been waiting for Kordell and refused to learn about the new bombshells, Serena now seemed ready to explore connections.

Meanwhile, Kordell will return to the OG villa with his Casa connection Daia McGhee. He started a romance with Daia and feels a very strong connection with her. However, just before the refund, Kordell noted, “You know it either makes us or breaks us. I just hope everything goes well.”

Serena Page, star of
“Love Island USA” season 6 star Serena Page is expected to ditch Kordell Beckham during the Casa reunion (@pavo)

Kordell Beckham compares the connections of Serena Page and Daia McGhee

“Love Island USA” Season 6 islander Kordell Beckham reflected on his feelings for the new bombshell, Daia McGhee and affirmed, “I feel that me and Daia connect really well like, I like what our bond is.” He further noted in the confessional, “I told myself if there is a connection and I will not stop myself from dealing with it.”

However, Kordell compared his former relationship Serena Page with his newest Daia and tried to know who could be his perfect partner. The Peacock show islander shared, “Obviously I was thinking about Serena, like, I’m wearing the ring that she gave me, you know.” Kordell explained, “With Serena, it took so long to get where we are now but with Daia, it’s only two days where it’s f*****g….it’s scary in a good way.”

Kordell Beckham left heartbroken after dumping Serena Page (@pavo)
“Love Island USA” Season 6 star Kordell Beckham compares Serena Page and Daia McGhee’s relationships (@pavo)

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