“Love Island USA” star JaNa Craig cries as she confronts Kenny Rodriguez about Casa Amor affair

MAMANUCA ISLANDS, Fiji: JaNa Craig was left in tears after discovering Kenny Rodriguez’s Casa Amor infidelity on “Love Island USA”. She opened up to him about her struggles in the villa, hoping he would respect their relationship. However, seeing Kenny choose Christine Marshall instead devastated JaNa, who expected loyalty.

She confronted Kenny, expressing her shock and hurt at his betrayal, especially after all she had been through in the villa. JaNa’s tears reflected her disappointment and disbelief at Kenny’s decision, feeling deeply hurt by his choice to pursue a new relationship despite their bond.

JaNa Craig asks Kenny Rodriguez burning questions after cheating on ‘Love Island USA’

In a one-on-one conversation, JaNa sat down with Kenny to discuss the Casa Amor situation. “Why did you bring her back?” JaNa asked. “I felt like I needed to test our relationship and what we have,” Kenny replied. “You literally said—when you came back, I asked you whose bond was stronger,” JaNa said again, asking if Kenny had been intimate with Christine outside of the Casa Amor challenges. “Did you kiss out of challenge?” “Yeah, once. We kissed,” Kenny replied.

This left JaNa furious, “It just sucks because I feel like you know it was hard for me. So for you to do that was really hurtful. I personally am not the type of girl to sit here and fight against a man. Like, if you have two options and you can’t decide and I’m one of them, I’ll decide for you,” she said. “Choose her. You will never, ever catch me fighting for a man, trying to convince him that I’m better than another girl. Because I know my worth,” she added.

JaNa shouted confronting Kenny (@pavo)
“Love Island USA” star JaNa shouted while confronting Kenny (@peacock)

“Love Island USA” star JaNa Craig slams Kenny Rodriguez for being “wrong” about him

JaNa revealed to Kenny how she was upset with his behavior because she expected him to be more mindful of his actions, especially after knowing about the many heartbreaks JaNa went through on the show. Referring to the situation, JaNa asked Kenny to move on with the Casa Amor bomb, wishing him luck.

“You told me you wanted to…,” JaNa said. “It’s, like, embarrassing, like, even like—I’m constantly reminded of how many L’s I have to take. So when he came in here, giving me the energy I was waiting for, I was just like, ‘Finally, you know , someone who can see me and see my value and, like, just focus on me But I was obviously wrong,” she added.

“I’m so serious. Like, give me a hug. I’m so serious. I wish you nothing but the best. But screw this. Screw this,” JaNa added further.

JaNa asks Kenny to move on (@pavo)
“Love Island USA” star JaNa asks Kenny to move on (@pavo)

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