“Love Island USA” star Kaylor Martin breaks down as Daniela Rivera reveals Aaron Evans’ secrets

MAMANUCA ISLANDS, Fiji: In a heartbreaking twist on “Love Island USA,” Kaylor Martin found herself heartbroken when Daniela Rivera made a revealing comment about Aaron Evans during a challenge. The moment unfolded when a fan voice suggested that Kaylor didn’t even know the worst part about Aaron’s actions in Casa Amor. The tweet had Aaron’s name tagged, sparking curiosity among the islanders. “Man I feel bad for Kaylor because they didn’t even show the worst of it,” the tweet read.

Upon inquiry, Daniela suggested that it might have to do with Aaron asking her to shower together during their time at Casa Amor. This revelation deeply upset Kaylor, who was not fully aware of the extent of what had happened. The incident left Kaylor questioning her perception of Aaron and feeling hurt by his betrayal once again.

Despite being hurt, Kaylor broke down in tears as she admitted, “I see such a wonderful guy in Aaron, and I think he has such a kind and great heart and soul. So hearing that from the public definitely hurts, and it does, I think, I know another Aaron, I need answers as soon as possible.”

“Love Island USA” star Kaylor Martin reveals she feels confused about Aaron Evans

In a tense moment on “Love Island USA” after the slime challenge, Kaylor Martin expressed confusion and hurt after learning about Aaron Evans’ public perceptions. She felt blindsided as discussions arose about Aaron’s behavior, which she did not fully understand.

“The audience sees something, and I don’t see it. What did you get again? First, the handshake. Why would you shake hands with another girl whenever we have one? Like, that’s just weird. Don’t like. that shit,” said Kaylor.

She further added, “Like, if you, like, move like that, then you have no sympathy for how I feel. It’s like icing on the cake. Kaylor hasn’t even seen the worst of it. Because what’s the worst ?” Meanwhile Lea interrupted and asked her: “Do you think there is something?” to which Kaylor replied, “I mean, why would the public go and say that?”

Kaylor Martin slams Aaron Evans during Casa reunion (@pavo)
Kaylor Martin slams Aaron Evans during Casa reunion (@pavo)

Aaron Evans gives Kaylor Martin an ultimatum on ‘Love Island USA’

After the slimy challenge on “Love Island USA,” Aaron Evans delivered a simple ultimatum to Kaylor Martin amid their relationship turmoil. Upset with the ongoing drama surrounding their relationship, Aaron expressed his feelings to his close friend Rob Rausch.

He emphasized that Kaylor had to make a definitive choice regarding their future together. Aaron stated, “She either has to drop it or drop me. It’s one or the other.”

“Love Island USA” Season 6 Islander Aaron Evans (@pavo)

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