“Love Island USA” star Kenny Rodriguez is getting back together with Casa Bombshell Sydney Leigh dumping JaNa Craig

MAMANUCA ISLANDS, Fiji: “Love Island USA” Season 6 House reunion fueled the explosive drama and unexpectedly sabotaged relationship. On the latest payback, Kenny Rodriguez ditched JaNa Craig for his Casa connection Sydney Leigh.

He brought Sydney back to the villa while JaNa chose to remain single. Kenny and Sydney’s bond came as a surprise when they weren’t spotted having conversations or exploring romance during their time at Casa Amor. Meanwhile, JaNa had a grouping of bombs but she wanted to stay loyal to Kenny.

However, Kenny seemed like he accidentally chose Sydney as he later admitted he wasn’t sure who to choose during the reunion. He also claimed that he only recovered because he thought JaNa would join the bomb. Moreover, he broke down in tears after he realized his mistake and felt guilty about his decision.

Kenny Rodriguez explores romance in a Fiji villa (@pavo)
Kenny Rodriguez dumped JaNa Craig (@peacock)

“Love Island USA” Season 6 star JaNa Craig admits to being in a love triangle

“Love Island USA” Season 6 islander JaNa Craig has doubts about who to choose for a reunion because she sparked a relationship with more than one bombshell. To clear her doubts, she chatted with her BFF Leah Kateb and said, “I know it sounds silly, but I keep calling it a triangle.”

JaNa then admitted to being very confused between Kenny Rodriguez, Josiah Roebuck and Jacobi Graham. She claimed that the trio is “equal” adding, “They are like equal because I think Jacobi is like safe the crazy risky fun let us live lives, let’s go take risks is Josiah.”

She further admitted that the trio has the “same level, same energy, safe vibes and safe marriage route.” However, JaNa continued to believe in Kenny and affirmed, “I don’t think Kenny is acting up there and I hope he’s not.”

The star of
“Love Island USA” Season 6 star JaNa Craig admits to being in love with traingle (@pavo)

Will Kenny Rodriguez get back together with JaNa Craig?

Kenny Rodriguez entered the “Love Island USA” Season 6 villa like a bomb just before the Casa Amor drama. He explored the connections in the villa, enjoyed a romantic date with JaNa and felt an instant spark. JaNa was particularly single at the time and she decided to hook up with Kenny.

However, Kenny seemed to regret getting back together with Casa Amor bombshell Sydney Leigh and would try to get back to JaNa. After Kenny left her heartbroken by bringing Sydney Leigh to the villa, Jana might not consider getting back together with him.

Kenny Rodriguez is the new bombshell of the 6th season of
Kenny Rodriguez is the new bombshell of “Love Island USA” season 6 (@pavo)

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