“Love Island USA” star Serena Page is attacking Kendall Washington for making “damaging” comments about her relationship

MAMANUCA, Fiji: The tension on “Love Island USA” reached new heights on Movie Night when the Casa Amor scenes were revealed. The drama in particular centered around the behavior of Kendall Washington, which shocked everyone, including his connection, Nicole Jacky. She didn’t expect him to act like this.

Kendall was seen encouraging Kordell to pursue an affair with Daia in Casa Amor, despite knowing that Kordell had a strong connection with Serena back in the villa. This behavior was not only unexpected but also deeply hurtful to Serena. In one specific scene, Kordell, who was feeling guilty about his actions, was seen confiding in Kendall. Instead of offering any real support or advice, Kendall cheered him on, telling him it was okay and brushing off the significance of his connection with Serena.

This encouragement deeply hurt Serena, who felt betrayed and disrespected. The most painful moment came when Kendall told Kordell that what he had with Serena was “nothing” compared to what he could have had with Daia. This statement left Serena feeling belittled and unappreciated, as if her relationship with Kordell meant nothing.

Kendall’s actions during Casa Amor and his subsequent behavior during Movie Night caused a rift in the villa.

Kendall Washington says Serena Page is ‘fiery as hell’

During a dramatic moment on “Love Island USA,” Kendall Washington referred to Serena Page for her high-voltage anger. That comment came after tensions escalated following Kendall’s controversial advice to Kordell, suggesting he pursue a relationship with Daia despite being involved with Serena.

“The way Serena handled this conflict is crazy, she’s just in an emotional state. She’s fiery as hell,” Kendall said in a confessional. “Serena close walls you, she doesn’t even let you have the chance,” Kendall went on to tell Kordell.

Serena Page and Kordell Beckham (@pavo) from “Love Island USA” Season 6

Kendall Washington hypes up Kordell Beckham to scout Daia McGhee

During Casa Amor on “Love Island USA”, Kendall Washington actively encouraged Kordell Beckham to explore a possible connection with Daia McGhee, despite his previous interest in Serena Page. Kendall was enthusiastic about Kordell’s chemistry with Daia, voicing her support openly.

He told Kordell, “Daia brought out this side of you bro and I’m obsessed with it because you’re so excited you’re excited about life here.” Kendall further suggested that Kordell should embrace being himself and not overthink things, assuring him that Daia appreciated his genuine personality.

Kendall Washington supports Kordell Beckham and Daia McGhee's romance (@pavo)
Kendall Washington supports Kordell Beckham and Daia McGhee’s romance (@pavo)

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