‘Love on the Spectrum’ Newcomer Journey Sparks Chemistry With Talia Despite Her ‘Fear’ of Flirting

ATLANTA, GEORGIA: Currently, Journey from “Love on the Spectrum” is not in a relationship and continues her search for love by going out on dates. She remains open to new relationships and actively participates in the journey of finding that special someone.

On the show, Journey and Talia clicked instantly when they first met. They found themselves on the same page on many aspects, from sharing a common interest in plants to similar thoughts on relationships. Both were looking for a long-term relationship and wanted a partner with whom they could share laughter and a good sense of humor.

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Their chemistry was incredible.

Talia took the lead, making moves and charming Journeys with playful flirting and thoughtful compliments. In her confession, Journey even admitted that she really liked Talia but was scared because flirting was unfamiliar territory for her. Despite these fears, their first restaurant date went well, and they followed it with an outdoor date, enjoying snacks and walking around hand in hand.

For once, it seemed like the couple hit it off with their undeniable chemistry.

Is Journey still with Talia in ‘Love on the Spectrum’ Season 2?

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Journey ventured out on two dates during the show. His date with Talia had its highlights, and even though they didn’t end together, it was a remarkable experience. On her first date with Kara, things were a little awkward as Journey was nervously navigating her first date and Kara was trying to break the ice. Even though they had a good relationship, it wasn’t enough for Journey to get a second date, so she called it off.

When she met Talia, the chemistry was instant. Talia’s efforts to flirt and make Journey laugh were successful, and it seemed like they were on the same page. However, it was later revealed that they canceled after a few dates. Despite this, Journey remains on the path of meeting, still searching for his true love.

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Journey is not with Talia (Netflix)
Journey is no longer with Talia (Netflix)

When did Journey come out to her family in ‘Love on the Spectrum’ Season 2?

Journey shared that she never officially let her parents know that she was a lesbian. Surprisingly, they never made it difficult for her when she finally revealed her feelings. One day, she casually told her parents that she liked a girl, and their cold response made things much easier for her.

She has openly expressed that she does not have romantic feelings for men and never has. Her lack of attraction to men throughout her life became evident. Despite this, Journey exuded excitement about going on dates and looked forward to meeting someone special. However, finding love proved to be a challenge for her on the show.

Journey Is Not About Men (Netflix)
Journey Casually Told Her Parents She Liked A Girl, And Their Cool Response Made Things A Lot Easier (Netflix)

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