‘Love On The Spectrum’ Season 2: David Isaacman’s Theatrical Expertise Landed Him an Appearance in Netflix’s ‘Atypical’

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: “Love On The Spectrum” Season 2 star David Isaacman is a California native who rose to fame after starring in Season 1 of the Netflix series. He was diagnosed with autism and synesthesia when he was very young.

David studied at Digital Design Studio and went to Beverly Hills High School. He resides with his parents and triplet sisters. David currently works at Beverly Hills City Hall in the Human Resources department.

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He loves animals, especially lions, and he used to feed Bakari with his father. He celebrates his birthdays at the zoo and also has a regular job there. Additionally, he took his dates to different zoos around the world to meet lions.

David has also been an active participant in the Miracle Project, a theater, film and expressive arts program for neurodiverse people with and without disabilities, for the past five years and performed “185 Wilshire: A Love Story” in 2018.

Extracurricular activities helped him land a Netflix show “Atypical” as a member of Sam’s autism support group. David also participated in the Miracle Project improv class in Santa Monica and enjoyed attending plays and spending time with his sisters.

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‘Love On The Spectrum’ star David Isaacman performs in theaters (Instagram/@david_loveonthespectrum)

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David Isaacman was diagnosed with autism at age 2

David Isaacman, star of Season 2 of “Love On The Spectrum,” was just two years old when he was diagnosed with autism. In an interview, David said he was “too young to know what my diagnosis meant.”

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As he grew up, David noticed that he lined up his animal figurines “differently from others by arranging them in a straight line.” He admitted to being different and claimed that his sisters and classmates never did this.

In addition to having fun times at the zoo and with his loved ones, David has also dedicated his time to spreading awareness about autism and synesthesia through different podcasts and events.

In 2022, David spoke about his personal experience celebrating the finish line with former NBC “The Voice” finalist Will Breman during the 2022 LA Walk at Dodger Stadium.

David Isaacman was diagnosed with autism at age 2 (Instagram/@david_loveonthespectrum)
David Isaacman was diagnosed with autism at age two (Instagram/@david_loveonthespectrum)

‘Love On The Spectrum’ Star David Isaacman to Give Relationship Update

David Isaacman made his television debut with season 1 of “Love On The Spectrum”. However, David is set to return in the final season of the Netflix dating show.

David would appear in season 2 to give an update on his love life. He has been in a relationship with Abbey Romeo for two years and they seem to be thriving.

He seemed excited about his upcoming appearance and shared a romantic photo on his Instagram. In the photo, he is seen kissing his longtime girlfriend Abbey and wrote, “Wow! Season 2 of Love on the Spectrum is coming out so early this week😁.”

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‘Love On The Spectrum’ Star David Isaacman to Provide Relationship Update in Season 2 (Instagram/@david_loveonthespectrum)

“Love On The Spectrum” Season 2 is scheduled to premiere on Friday, January 19, 2024 on Netflix.

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