‘Love on the Spectrum US’ Season 2: Meet the Cast of Netflix’s Unique Dating Show

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Netflix is ​​scheduled to premiere the final season of “Love on the Spectrum US” on January 19 at 12:00 a.m. PT/3:00 a.m. ET.

The unique dating show, originally launched in 2019 with Australian singles navigating love and relationships, expanded to the United States in May 2022.

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Season 2 of “Love on the Spectrum US,” available exclusively on Netflix, features familiar faces like James, Abbey and Dani, as well as newcomers like Connor, Tanner and Journey. All seven episodes will be released on the premiere date.

The season 2 teaser features familiar faces like James, Abbey and Dani embarking on exciting dates in search of their perfect match.

David and Abbey have a great time, even going whale watching. Newcomers, like Connor equating love to a dagger with both happiness and pain, Tanner asking the cameras about his smile, and Journey excitedly preparing for her picnic in a pink outfit, bring new energy at the show. The upcoming season promises to be interesting and aims to raise awareness on important issues.

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Who will be part of ‘Love on the Spectrum US’ season 2?

Season 2 of “Love on the Spectrum US” welcomes back fan favorites from Season 1, including Dani, Abbey, James and Steve.

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Newcomers Journey, Connor and Tanner enthusiastically join the dating series.


Dani is a Los Angeles resident raised by her aunt and uncle. Passionate about animation, she taught animation to autistic children and founded her animation company at 11 years old.

In season 1, Dani didn’t find love. His current relationship status is unclear. On her 29th birthday, January 9, 2024, Dani was a keynote speaker at the Everyday Lives conference in Hershey, Pennsylvania.

During her presentation, she shared her life, struggles and how she helps autistic people find jobs.

Dani was also a featured speaker at the 31st CARD National Conference in Orlando, Florida. In the teaser, she cuddles her dog and excitedly mentions a date, hinting at a potential match in season 2.

Dani and Adan are not together (Instagram/ Instagram/ danibowman1)
Dani Bowman is excited to find love on the new season of ‘Love on the Spectrum’ (Instagram/@danibowman1)


Abbey Romeo Luttes and David Issacman, who connected in Season 1 of “Love on the Spectrum,” have remained together ever since.

The couple frequently shares endearing TikTok videos, showcasing their bond. Their first date at a zoo marked the start of their journey, with David’s inquiry into future encounters and Abbey’s playful “maybe.” Despite the uncertainty, they continued to strengthen their bond. Abbey and David’s love story is beautifully captured in the ‘Love on the Spectrum’ season 2 poster, where they share a passionate kiss.

Abbey’s Instagram reflects their shared adventures, from stylish dates to zoo walks and festive celebrations. Recently, Abbey ventured into music, recording a song and creating a music video, adding a creative dimension to their relationship.

Abbey shares a kiss with David in season 2 of
Abbey shares a kiss with David in season 2 of “Love on the Spectrum” (Instagram/@hatsbyabbey)


James is a fun-loving guy who turned to his hobbies and passions after being bullied at school. He loves dressing up, loves Renaissance festivals, and is a self-proclaimed nerd.

Passionate about outdoor activities and indoor games, James is versatile. His Instagram features reviews of shows like “Avatar: The Last Airbender” and “Stranger Things,” while also raising awareness about environmental and social issues.

In season 1, James hasn’t found a perfect match but remains friends with the date he chose. Family-oriented and determined, James aims to share life’s best moments with someone special, as expressed in the season 2 teaser.

James hopes to find a long-term relationship in season 2 of
James Hopes to Find a Long-Term Relationship in ‘Love on the Spectrum US’ Season 2 (Netflix/Youtube)


Steve, recently diagnosed with autism, adopts his positive behavior with the help of a life coach. Overcoming challenges with societal norms, Chicago-based Steve explores the city with friends, enjoying dates near iconic landmarks.

As the oldest contestant on “Love on the Spectrum,” Steve is originally from Los Angeles. In season 1, he revealed his family background – his father founded Guest Informer magazine.

Even though his father, Harold Spitz, became an editor in 1962 and held that position for 58 years, Steve didn’t really find a connection in Season 1. He later appeared in “Meet the Bizz,” a talk show with David Zimmerman. . He is determined to find love in this all-new season, demonstrating his commitment to finding a meaningful relationship.

Steve calls himself fun and quirky (Netflix)
Steve calls himself fun and quirky (Netflix/Youtube)

Meet the Newcomers of ‘Love on the Spectrum’ Season 2


Atlanta-based Connor breaks the mold with his unique personality. A lover of cooking and spending time with friends and family, he stands out for his intelligence, sensitivity and loyalty.

In an intriguing metaphor, he compares love to a dagger – a beautiful but potentially painful experience.

The teaser suggests he’s nervous about meeting his dates, showcasing genuine moments like complimenting a date on his handshake with a charming remark: “You have a nice grip .”

Connor loves baking cookies and pizza (Instagram/@connortomlinson5)
Connor loves baking cookies and pizza (Instagram/@connortomlinson5)


In the trailer for ‘Love on the Spectrum’ season 2, this dynamic and charming baking student from Chicago has won everyone’s hearts.

With a talent for creating delicious treats like biscotti, cookies, and ciabatta rolls, her on-screen presence radiates joy.

Often dressed in pink, she exudes positivity and looks forward to her picnic date. When asked about her desire for love, she sweetly replied, “I have so much love to give.”

“Love on the Spectrum US” Season 2 Journey (Instagram/@jor.ney)
“Love on the Spectrum US” Season 2 Journey (Instagram/@jor.ney)


In the trailer for Season 2 of “Love on the Spectrum,” this newcomer is portrayed as a cheerful young boy.

Although details of his love life are not disclosed, he is depicted waiting for a date at an outdoor cafe with flowers in hand, hinting at his gentlemanly attitude.

His love for spending time with friends and family is evident and he actively advocates for autism awareness. He notably addressed autism awareness at Harbison West School in 2019.

Tanner is a newcomer in
Tanner is a newcomer to “Love in the Spectrum Season 2” (Instagram@tannerwiththe_tism)

Don’t forget to tune in to Netflix to watch “Love on the Spectrum US” Season 2 premiering on January 19 at 12:00 a.m. PT/3:00 a.m. ET.

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