“Make him a better human being, a better father”

Alexander ‘The Great’ Volkanovsky is an Australian professional MMA fighter who competes in the UFC. The 35-year-old fighter is the current UFC featherweight champion and has been the champ since December 2019. With a professional MMA record of 26-3-0, Volkanovski is a UFC legend and possibly the greatest featherweight in history. UFC.

At one point, the Australian had a 12-fight UFC win streak since his UFC debut in November 2016. Volkanovski is the current pound-for-pound #3 in the UFC. Perhaps his most impressive feat is never defeating the 35-year-old at featherweight. Both of his UFC losses came at the hands of Islam Makhachev in the lightweight division.

But that could change in the main event at UFC 298 on February 17, 2024. Volkanovski will defend his title against Ilya ‘El Matador’ Topuria at the Honda Center in Anaheim, California. Many claim that the bout against the undefeated Spaniard will be Volkanovski’s toughest title defense to date. Volkanovski spoke about his upcoming opponent in an interview on the ‘Main Event’ YouTube channel.

Alexander Volkanovski Can’t Wait To Humble Ilya Topuria At UFC 298

When asked about Ilya Topuria during the interview, Alexander Volkanovsky talked about the 27-year-old’s recent antics. Volkanovsky said that is the only way to beat him in his division “catch” He further claimed that he doesn’t care about the 14 fights Ilya has fought so far. Volkanovsky feels that Topuria is going to be tested against him.

Claiming that he needed to be humble, Alexander said, “He needs some humbling… he’s probably not as bad as a kid, but I think he’s getting in over his head… I think he thinks he’s already a superstar… he literally thinks he’s already Only money is a fighter. Some of the things he’s saying require a rude awakening.

Alexander Volkanovsky feels that Ilya Topuria will be a changed man after their fight. Volkanovsky said he would be the one to teach him a lesson in the Octagon. Champ said, “And I think it will make him a better fighter. I think it will make him a better human being, a better father, you name it. I think it will only make him a better person. So I’m going to do the man a favor. I will teach him a lesson.”

However, Volkanovsky did not stop there. He assured Spaniard, Ilia Topuria, a few things ahead of their showdown in the Octagon at UFC 298.

Alexander Volkanovski has one thing guaranteed ahead of his title defense at UFC 298

When asked what he thinks about Ilya Topuria’s Instagram bio prematurely claiming a 15-0-0 record and his upcoming documentary titled ‘Road to the Belt’ when he hasn’t even won a belt yet. Volkanovski called out the 27-year-old for the belt, saying, “They’re going to need a few extra … They’re going to need one, two (movies) because he’s not getting it this time.”

According to Alexander Volkanovsky, Ilya Topuria will need more sequels to his films than just one. Because El Matador wasn’t going to take the title from him, at least not this time. Furthermore, he said, “Then he’ll have a sequel… then he’ll have one after that because he won’t get the title this time, I guarantee you.”

Alexander Volkanovsky also commented on how this could be a big part of Topuria’s story, where the Australian teaches him a lesson. Volkanovsky also said, “I’m going to do this so he can maybe be champion one day because he’s not going to be a great champion with the mentality he has and the way he carries himself.” He also claimed that El Matador would later thank Alex for teaching him a lesson.

The tension between the two is definitely a treat to watch in the lead up to their showdown. It’s pretty clear how Alexander ‘The Great’ Volkanovski feels about Ilya ‘El Matador’ Topuria ahead of their matchup. But who do you think will reign supreme in the Octagon on fight night? Let us know in the comments below.

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