Mama June accused of stealing money from children while claiming to have ‘endless zeros’ in her bank account

HAMPTON, GEORGIA: Reality TV star June Shannon, known as Mama June, faced intense backlash online after confidently declaring, “I’m a reality star, of course , I have endless zeros in my bank account,” as part of a trend on TikTok.

This claim sparked criticism from many internet users, who raised questions about his financial practices.

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Several comments online accused Mama June of potentially taking money from her children. The controversy intensified when some accused her of seeking financial help from her fans despite claiming to have significant wealth.

Netizens criticized Mama June, questioning the apparent inconsistency between her financial statements and actions.

“If her bank account has endless zeros (like they’re loaded?) then why were they begging people from TikTok when they were at Disney and pretending they all had to share 1 snack… oh but June got 5 on his,” one user recently said on Reddit.

“My grandmother always told me that you could tell who was really broke because they looked ashamed when asking for help while the people gathering looked happy,” one of them said.

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“Because they know their followers are stupid enough to do it. Why spend your own money when you can ask others to cover for you?” said another.

“That and she stole a lot of money from Alana a while ago,” one commented.

“She also stole Anna’s money. Funny how the other 2 sisters never stole money or wouldn’t admit it, but “Chubbs” (I can’t remember her name ) at least had his car repossessed when June was with Geno. because of June. But didn’t they beg for money to take that trip to Disney after Anna died? didn’t they make a wish list of items on Amazon for “Kaitlyn” that viewers could buy so she has a good Christmas “Either you’re lying about having money or you just “Admitting you’re exploiting your fans by accepting donations you don’t need,” another commented.

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“A bank account with endless zeros, but she still had to steal her child’s money,” one added.

“If she has so many zeros in her bank account, why the hell are they living in a crappy place, wearing cheap clothes, and begging for money on every social platform in the world? Goodbye Felicia, and take your cheap dentures while having huzzbin with you,” added another.

‘Mama June’ Admits ‘Regret’ After Spending $1 Million on Drugs

In another development, Mama June candidly shared her regrets over her past drug addiction, admitting to spending a staggering $1 million on cocaine during that dark time.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, she reflected on her journey to sobriety and expressed remorse for the decisions made during this difficult time.

“I don’t remember much from that period,” describing it as a hazy memory with bits and pieces. She went on to point out, “But the biggest and stupidest thing I did was spend so much money on drugs.”

The star of
“Mama June” regrets spending money on drugs (Instagram/@mamajune)

What happened to Honey Boo Boo’s money?

Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson has made serious allegations against her mother, June “Mama June” Shannon, accusing her of taking money to fuel her ongoing battle with drug addiction.

The situation has worsened to the point where Honey Boo Boo now resides with Pumpkin, as Mom’s house is considered an unstable environment, highlighted by an incident in which Geno crashed his SUV into the garage while he was under the influence.

The family’s lack of confidence in Mom’s ability to manage Honey Boo Boo’s finances is evident, given the recent accusations.

Honey Boo Boo has tearfully accused Mom of changing her life in the past, but it seems those pleas have fallen on deaf ears.

Honey Boo Boo criticized for following in Mama June's footsteps by dating men (Instagram/@honeybooboo/@mamajune)
Honey Boo Boo accused Mama June of stealing her money (Instagram/@honeybooboo/@mamajune)

What is “Mama June”’s net worth?

As of 2023, Mama June has amassed a net worth of $50,000, from her involvement in reality television and various personal ventures.

She earned $30,000 from her reality TV appearances, supplemented by another $10,000 through endorsement deals.

In addition to her income from television and commercials, Mama June generated $5,000 from sales of merchandise associated with her brand.

Additionally, she got $3,000 through partnerships with brands or organizations.

Mama June rants against social media trolls (Instagram/@mamajune)
Mama June has many channels to generate income (Instagram/@mamajune)

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