“MasterChef: Generations”: Chris Murton’s basic dish criticized by Joe Bastianich, lands in bottom two

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: In the latest episode of “MasterChef: Generations,” Chris Murton, a contestant known for his classic cooking style, found himself in hot water again. Chris prepared a dish aimed at impressing the judges, especially Joe Bastianich, known for his exacting standards. However, Chris encountered unexpected obstacles during his preparation.

Chris, having landed in the bottom three in the previous challenge, was determined to redeem himself. Opting for a classic approach, he chose to prepare a steak, believing that showcasing his mastery of a tried and true dish would showcase his culinary skills effectively.

Chris carefully selected a high-quality, aged ribeye and paired it with a simple but delicious accompaniment of garlic potatoes and sautéed vegetables. As the contestants cooked, judges Gordon Ramsay, Aarón Sánchez, and Joe Bastianich made their rounds to observe the cooking process and offer advice.

As Joe approached Chris’ station, he expressed concerns about the simplicity of the dish. Joe reminded Chris that while a rib eye steak can be delicious, in a competition of this caliber, it must stand out and be executed perfectly.

“Masterchef: Generations” judge Joe Bastianich left unimpressed with Murt’s dish

Despite Joe’s concerns, Chris persisted with his plan to prepare the rib-eye, confident that his technique and flavors would impress. When it came time for the judges to taste the dishes, Chris presented his ribeye with conviction. The steak was cooked to a perfect medium-rare, and the sides were seasoned well.

However, Joe was not entirely impressed. He pointed out that while the steak was cooked properly, it lacked the creativity and wow factor needed to set it apart from the other dishes. Joe also noted that Chris’s cover was a little basic and didn’t elevate the performance. Unfortunately for Chris, his ribeye dish landed him in the bottom two.

The contestant of the 14th season of “MasterChef: Generations” Chris Murton prepared a steak (Instagram/@chris_murton)

‘MasterChef: Generations’ judges label Chris Murton’s dish an ‘epic disaster’

In the latest episode of “MasterChef: Generations,” contestant Chris Murton, known as Murt, faced a major setback with his signature dish, Chicken Mango Curry with Green Tea Cilantro Rice, Jalapeño Salsa, and Crispy Chicken Skin. Murt, known for his faith in classic curry recipes, presented his creation with high expectations. However, the judges’ suggestions proved unexpectedly harsh.

Joe Bastianich didn’t hold back, describing the dish as “spicy baby food.” He criticized it for its taste and appearance, comparing it unfavorably to baby food. The main concern was the excessive sweetness of the mango in the curry, which Aaron Sánchez noted overshadowed other flavors, resulting in an unbalanced dish lacking depth.

Additionally, the Green Tea Coriander Rice was criticized for being under-seasoned, compounding the dish’s shortcomings. The judges collectively labeled it an “epic disaster,” a criticism that surprised Murt, who has consistently received praise for the dish outside of the competition, he said.

Mutt's mango curry was an epic fail (@fox)
‘MasterChef: Generations’ contestant Chris Murton’s mango curry has been called an epic fail (@fox)

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