‘MasterChef: Generations’ Season 14: Christopher Walinski’s ‘unattractive’ snapper bags ‘worst’ plate tag

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: “MasterChef: Generations” Season 14 contestant Christopher Walinski won the favorite contestant tag with his Japanese Chicken Karaage with Yuzu Mayo, Gomoku Rice, and Pickled Red Dragon Fruit during the audition.

Unfortunately, Christopher hasn’t kept up his culinary skills and recently landed in the bottom three. During the latest “Age is Just a Number” challenge, Christopher prepared Steamed Aged Snapper with Aged Kimchi Puree and Miso Broth but failed to impress the Fox show judges.

Gordon Ramsay wasn’t sure about the look of the dish and asked Christopher what he planned to cover. The Fox show contestant noted that he would place the Snapper in the middle surrounded by Kimchi Puree and pour the Broth on the dish. Gordon still wasn’t confident and warned Christopher to “focus on the execution” and make sure the dish was well plated.

Despite the initial warning, Christopher continued his plating plan which cost him and landed his Snapper among the “worst” dishes.

“MasterChef: Generations” Season 14 star Christopher Walinski lands in the bottom three (@fox)

Has “MasterChef: Generations” season 14 star Christopher Walinski been eliminated?

“MasterChef: Generations” season 14 contestant Christopher Walinski skipped elimination this week but he had to work harder in the next challenge to achieve the MasterChef title and the $250,000 grand prize. Joe Bastianich claimed the dish looked like it was plated at a buffet line.

He added, “It’s so unattractive.” Meanwhile, Gordon noted that he reached the challenge “halfway” when the fish was deliciously cooked. Meanwhile, he criticized the miso broth and claimed that the puree did not suit the dish, adding, “Such a shame.”

“MasterChef: Generations” Season 14 star Christopher Walinski skipped elimination (@fox)

Christopher Walinski hopes to raise prostate cancer awareness with ‘MasterChef: Generations’

“MasterChef: Generations” Season 14 contestant Christopher Walinski was diagnosed with life-changing prostate cancer just a year before appearing on the Fox show. However, he found a determination to honor his Japanese heritage through his cooking after his chemotherapy and now wants to raise awareness.

He shared on his social media, “Really hoping to raise awareness about prostate cancer.” Christopher added, “It’s not a joke. In the US alone, 821 men are diagnosed. Every. Single. Day. CHECK YOUR F-ING PSA. It could save your man’s life.”

Christopher met his father a year ago (Facebook/ @christopherwalinski)
Christopher Walinski hopes to raise prostate cancer awareness with “MasterChef: Generations” (Facebook/ @christopherwalinski)

Catch ‘MasterChef: Generations’ Season 14 every Wednesday at 8 pm ET on Fox.

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