“MasterChef: Generations” Season 14: Sunshine eliminated after surprise turns out to be unwelcome

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: ‘MasterChef: Generations’ Season 14 contestant Sunshine Carlos faced elimination after she failed to impress the judges with her Dry Aged Ribeye with Mushroom & Pecorino Gratin and Brussels Sprouts with Aged Pancetta. She was thrilled to cook with aged ingredients and claimed that Native American culture uses many preservation techniques.

However, things started to fall apart for Sunshine when immunity pin winner Rebecka Evans threw a curveball and gave her team, Gen X, the surprise ingredient, 18-month-old “stiletto cheese.” Rebecka called the Gen X “her biggest competition” before dropping the twist. Sunshine was left “overwhelmed” by the setback and had no idea what to do with the bitter cheese.

Sunshine claimed in the confessional, “My dish is already so old. Stilton cheese is the most bitter thing you could ever eat. This is really bad.” She said furiously: “This is a giant expert show.” Sunshine spent most of his time thinking about the use of the cheese and didn’t start cooking until 20 minutes past the clock.

The Fox show judges noticed that Sunshine was a little exhausted and Gordon Ramsay decided to warn her to cook her ribeye. She used the cheese as compound butter which was particularly tasty but her dish lacked balance which cost her apron.

“MasterChef: Generations” Season 14 contestant Sunshine burned her dish (@fox)

“MasterChef: Generations” Season 14 judges criticized Sunshine’s dish

The dish of “MasterChef: Generations” Season 14 contestant Sunshine Carlos was highly criticized by the judges, Gordon Ramsay, Aarón Sánchez, and Joe Bastianich. She served her Dry Aged Ribeye and Aarón claimed Sunshine’s dish reminded him of a “middle-of-the-road steakhouse,” adding, “That’s a shame.” He also said the steak was “too raw”.

Sunshine also burnt her dish and Aarón claimed it tasted like “butane”. Joe noted that everything was “way too heavy” and the potatoes were undercooked. Meanwhile, Gordon noted that the steak was “undercooked” and the potatoes were “full of fat.” However, he also said that the seasoning on the sprouts is good.

“MasterChef: Generations” Season 14 judges criticized Sunshine’s dish (@fox)

“MasterChef: Generations” Season 14 contestant Sunshine considers being at rock bottom

“MasterChef: Generations” Season 14 surprise Stilton cheese brought back Sunshine Carlos and she landed on the list of the worst chef of Gen X. She reflected on being in the bottom three and said, “If I could have a ‘Star Trek’ moment. just to enlighten me, this would be the time I will be so devastated if this dish sends me home.”

After the elimination, Sunshine admitted to the cameras that she couldn’t handle the pressure and the curveball well adding, “And that’s not what it takes to stay here.” The Fox show star added, “It’s a ton of pressure. You have no idea until you’re here exactly how hard this road is.” She further noted, “So I’m proud of myself. I made it to ‘MasterChef.’

“MasterChef: Generations” Season 14 contestant Sunshine reflects on being at the bottom (@fox)

‘MasterChef: Generations’ Season 14 airs every Wednesday at 8 pm ET on Fox.

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