“Mayor of Kingstown” Season 3 Episode 6: Is Milo Alive? Konstantin may have just dropped a bombshell

Contains spoilers for “Mayor of Kingstown” Season 3 Episode 6

KINGSTOWN, MICHIGAN: “Mayor of Kingstown” Season 3 is full of intense plot twists, and Episode 6 just proves it. The episode begins with a shocking tragedy but also hints that Russian gangster Milo Sunter (Aidan Gillen) may be alive.

In the premiere of “Mayor of Kingstown” Season 3, a detail appeared hinting at the fate of Milo, whose destiny was left ambiguous in the Season 2 finale.

In “Mayor of Kingstown” Season 2, Milo boards the boat, apparently ready to make his escape, but the bomb detonates, suggesting that Milo is dead. However, he was later seen making a call to his girlfriend Tatiana (Gratiela Brancusi), indicating that he survived the explosion. During the call, he assured Tatiana, saying that “everything went well.”

In “Mayor of Kingstown” Season 3, Episode 3, after discovering Tatiana’s baby in the trash, Mike McLusky (Jeremy Renner) confronts Konstantin, accusing him of killing Milo. However, Episode 6 proves otherwise.

Where is Milo Sunter?

Aidan Gillen as Milo Sunter in still from “Mayor of Kingstown” (@superamount+)

“Mayor of Kingstown” Season 3 Episode 6 begins with the devastating incident of Rhonda (Nona Parker Johnson) being fatally shot outside her beauty salon. Mike thinks that Konstantin’s ties with the Aryan Brotherhood may have caused Rhonda’s death, especially since she was Bunny Washington’s (Tobi Bamtefa) cousin.

Mike suggests raiding Konstantin’s place. During the interrogation, Ian accuses Konstantin of killing Tatiana, but Konstantin denies any involvement. When questioned about the drug residue found during the raid, Konstantin insists on consulting Milo, claiming that he believes in spirits.

However, it seems that Konstantin’s cryptic answer may have a hidden meaning, suggesting that Milo may still be alive. It is possible that Milo planned events from behind the scenes, using his supposed death as a cover to manipulate the power dynamics in Kingstown without drawing attention to himself.

Yorick van Wageningen as Konstantin in a painting by
Yorick van Wageningen as Konstantin in still from “Mayor of Kingstown” Season 3 (@paramount+)

If Milo is indeed alive, he may be working with Konstantin to exact revenge on Mike and those close to him. Their collaboration would explain the recent spike in deaths in Kingstown, including Rhonda’s murder.

By targeting those close to Mike, Milo and Konstantin could try to undermine Mike’s influence and expand their drug business in Kingstown.

Milo could have planned Tatiana’s death behind the scenes, using Konstantin as a pawn to carry out his plans. It is also possible that Milo may harm Iris (Emma Laird) to torture Mike.

Konstantin may have jokingly mentioned Milo’s spirits because he knows that Milo is alive. Milo may be hiding somewhere in Kingstown without anyone’s knowledge.

Will Milo Sunter kill Iris?

Iris struggles to navigate Konstantin and Mike's deadly feud in
Emma Laird as Iris in a still from “Mayor of Kingstown” Season 3 (@paramount+)

In “Mayor of Kingstown” Season 1, Milo brought Iris to seduce Mike. Meeting Iris in Season 1 deepened Mike’s determination to protect and support her. Milo recognized that connection and used Iris’ presence to manipulate Mike, knowing that he could exploit Mike’s protective instincts.

Throughout the series, Mike went to great lengths for Iris, often risking his own safety to protect her. It seems that Mike really cares about her.

In a desperate bid to hurt Mike, Milo may consider killing Iris. Iris currently collaborates with Konstantin, feigning fidelity to him while secretly remaining loyal to Mike. This allows her to gather critical information from Konstantin.

However, if Milo is alive, Konstantin would know that Iris stayed at Mike’s house. This awareness indicates that both Milo and Konstantin are manipulating Iris for their own purposes. They may have secretly planned to kill her.

How to stream “Mayor of Kingstown” Season 3?

Jeremy Renner as Mike McLusky in stills of Mayor of Kingstown (@paramount+)
Jeremy Renner as Mike McLusky in ‘Mayor of Kingstown’ photo shoot (@paramount+)

“Mayor of Kingstown” Season 3 Episodes 1-6 are currently available for streaming on Paramount+. New episodes of “Mayor of Kingstown” Season 3 are released every Sunday.

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