‘MDLLA’ Season 15 star Josh Altman walks away from client as he struggles to sell premium listing

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: ‘Million Dollar List: Los Angeles’ Season 15 realtor Josh Altman struggled to sell his $15,888,888 Readcrest listing, which could also jeopardize his other listings. In the latest episode, Altman canceled several listings because the seller kept performing short-term leases.

Altman was just left indecisive about how they were supposed to sell the home if they never had access to it. The Bravo star noted that this may be a short-term fix to help the seller make money, but in the long run it’s just “putting help to it.” Meanwhile, Altman was left frustrated and walked away from his client in the preview.

In the next episode, Altman and Tracy Tutor will have a dramatic battle with stubborn sellers in a spiraling market when their high-end listings go nowhere. Altman had an explosive confrontation with the client and he dramatically walked away.

“MDLLA” Season 15 realtor Josh Altman argues with client (@bravo)

Will Josh Altman be able to sell the $15,888,888 Readcrest house?

“MDLLA” Season 15 star Josh Altman and his wife Heather Altman wanted to sell their $15,888,888 Readcrest house. Altman reflected on the struggle and noted, “It’s been on the market for 18 months, it’s stale. It almost makes me want to sell it more.” The Bravo star added, “The more messed up the deal, the more I want to sell it!”

The Bravo show couple recently hosted an open house where they went a little overboard about the square footage of the apartment. The Altman duo presented the home as 9,000 livable square feet instead of 7,200. However, the extra square feet included an empty concrete area that could be converted into livable space. Tracy Tutor exposed the Altmans and noted, “It’s a very expensive 7,200 square foot house, but it’s not 9,000.”

Josh Altman is struggling to sell his $15,888,888 Readcrest home (@bravo)
Josh Altman struggles to sell his $15,888,888 Readcrest home (@bravo)

Josh Altman argues with Josh Flagg over a Readcrest house

“MDLLA” Season 15 realtors Josh Altman and Josh Flagg recently had a dramatic feud during the premiere episode of the Bravo show. Altman admitted in the episode that the co-listing drama with Flagg happened because the seller only wanted to list with him.

However, Altman claimed that he forgot to share the details with Flagg and noted that his friendship with Flagg was like a companion. Altman shared in the confessional, “He has to do all the work” and Flagg “leaves with half the money and did nothing.” Meanwhile, Tracy tried to convince Altman to talk to Flagg, but he remained adamant about his decision.

“MDLLA” stars Josh Altman and Josh Flagg clash over Readcrest real estate listing (@bravo)

‘Million Dollar List: Los Angeles’ Season 15 airs every Wednesday at 9:00 PM ET only on Bravo

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