‘MDLLA’ star Tracy Tutor reveals reason for split from celebrity trainer Erik Anderson: ‘It felt like a mini divorce’

Tracy Tutor says family issues contributed to her split from celebrity trainer Erik Anderson.

The “Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles” star, 48, tells Page Six’s “Virtual Reali-Tea” podcast that she broke up with Anderson — who is 21 years her junior at 27 — because of his desire to have children of his own. made children t fits with her future plans.

“Because of the big age difference, it’s time for him to obviously go to the place where he wants to have kids and a family of his own,” says the mother-of-two, who shares teenage daughters Juliet and Scarlet. ex-husband Jason Maltas.

Tutor jokes that she “raised” Anderson, but sweetly affirms that he “will be a wonderful husband and father” – to another family – one day.

The realtor says dismantling their three-and-a-half-year relationship wasn’t easy, noting that she may have suppressed any notion that it wouldn’t work out long-term because she thoroughly enjoyed dating him.

“We were always talked about [his wanting children] and he said: ‘But I’m not there yet.’ And so I kind of let that crawl down the road probably a little longer than I should have [have] because I didn’t want to face what life looked like without him, if that makes sense,” she explains.

“Listen, he was a great love and… we lived together so it felt like a mini divorce.”

Tutor and Anderson have been able to maintain a friendship since breaking up in the summer of 2023.

“He’s still my coach,” she raves, emphasizing that she’s a “better person” for knowing Anderson as a partner in romance, fitness and more.

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“He focused me, he healed me. I live a very different lifestyle post-Erik than I did pre-Erik. And honestly, I think it’s for the better. I take a lot better care of myself.”

While Tutor and Anderson are in a “great place” today, she wonders how reliving their breakup — when “MDLLA” Season 15 begins airing next month — will impact their dynamic.

“I think it’s going to be hard for both of us to watch and I think he knows how painful it was for me and it was [painful] for him But it’s been…almost a year and we’ve been able to mend fences and it’s true that our friendship is worth working on,” she tells “Virtual Reali-Tea.”

“Hopefully, the revival of it won’t be as bad as I anticipate.”

Regardless, Tutor is looking forward to sharing her story with female viewers who are dating younger men and can relate to the challenges she faced with Anderson — in particular, the interference of his dream of becoming a father.

“I think this piece for so many women who are dating younger men — which has become a lot more popular these days — I think it’s something that we all understand and have to go through a little bit,” she says.

Tutor is currently single but jokes that she is on a “man break” after disappointing encounters with potential suitors through dating apps.

“I gotta tell you, man, it’s tough out there. Dating in LA is a bit of a disaster. I’ve been on a few dates and boy do I have some stories. It is wild. I did the dating app for a hot minute,” she says. “That’s a disaster because people just post what they want to show, and then you say, ‘You’re not what you seem.'”

Tutor, however, entertains the idea of ​​dipping her toes in the dating pools of Texas — where she recently expanded her real estate business.

“I think Texas was really fun. There are some really nice gentlemen. There are many, like, opening the doors and standing when you leave the table and they take you in a car,” she enthuses. “Guys in LA are like, ‘I’ll meet you here for a drink,’ and that’s it. There are a few men in Texas.”

Tutor seeks education — and maturity, she says, acknowledging her efforts to stay away from younger guys.

“I think, finally, it’s time for me to consider a life partner, not now a partner. And so I’m getting a little older now,” she tells us. “I really shoot for over 50s, but late 30s, 40s get in there every now and then.”

“Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles” Season 15 premieres Tuesday, July 9, at 9 pm ET on Bravo.

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