Meghan Markle has criticized claims she feels ‘she has more right to speak than Kate Middleton.’

Los Angeles, California: Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, has recently come under fire on social media after a source claims she believes the Duchess of Cambridge has “more of a say in her” than Kate Middleton. Have the right”.

Markle reportedly found it challenging to accept the high royal status of the Prince and Princess of Wales within the palace hierarchy after becoming part of the royal family.

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According to the source, this discomfort was particularly noticeable during the Royal Foundation Forum in February 2018, where the tension between the “Fab Four” was “palpable”.

What did the source say about Meghan Markle?

Meghan Markle reportedly ‘felt she had more right to speak’ than Kate Middleton (Getty Images)

An insider shared with The Telegraph that Prince Harry’s wife Markle thought “she was a self-made woman whereas Kate didn’t really have a career of her own.”

He added, “She felt like she had more of a say than her sister-in-law, who had married into the family as an unknown, while Meghan considered herself a philanthropist who could teach the royals something to do.” “Could you or give about charity?”

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“I think she found it difficult that by the time she got there the Royal Foundation was already a well-oiled machine,” the source said.

The Internet trolls Meghan Markle over claims about the source of her comments about Kate Middleton

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Meghan Markle at the Commonwealth Day service at Westminster Abbey in London in March 2020 (Getty Images)
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have distanced themselves from the royal family (Getty Images)

Soon after Meghan Markle’s alleged comments about Kate Middleton surfaced, netizens started bashing the Duchess of Sussex.

One wrote, “Self made or self entitled???”

“Dear Meghan: Self-made and self-centered are two completely different concepts,” said another.

Someone else claimed, “How was she self-made when it was only because of her father and husband’s connections that she got into showbiz? And now that she’s back in Hollywood it’s her husband’s title that keeps her going.” Keeps him safe?”

One person said, “She didn’t make it on her own. She came in 6 years after Catherine. There’s a hierarchy that means she can only play in another area. No one cares what she has to say.” “Clearly jealous of Katherine.”

Self-made or self-entitled???

– Capetonian (@CastleCapeTown) December 3, 2023

Dear Meghan: Self-made and self-centered are two completely different concepts

– Dave Hack (@hackster63) December 3, 2023

How self-made was she when it was her father and husband’s connections that got her started in showbiz? And now that she’s making a comeback in Hollywood, is it her husband’s title that’s keeping her afloat?

– The Royal Eagle (@christensen_mre) December 3, 2023

He is not self-made. She came 6 years after Catherine. There is hierarchy she could only play another field. No one cares what he has to say. Meghan is clearly jealous of Catherine.

– Taryn Valentin (@Livye3) December 3, 2023

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