Michael Larkin accident linked to death, Smithtown NY

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Michael Larkin

Michael Larkin’s accident linked to death

The St. Patrick’s School community in Smithtown, New York, is mourning the unexpected and devastating death of Michael Larkin. Michael will always be remembered for his pivotal role within the school and his unwavering dedication to his family. His passing has left a void that all who knew him will feel deeply. To help his wife Julia and their four young children, a fundraiser has been set up as his loved ones deal with this heartbreaking loss. We mourn Michael’s passing with heavy hearts, as his untimely departure has left a void in our lives. Although we will sincerely miss him, his spirit will always be there in our hearts.

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We are all in shock and disbelief at the news of his premature departure. In addition to being an important part of the St. Patrick School community, Michael was a much-loved resident of Smithtown, New York. Those who knew him were deeply saddened by his departure; he was renowned for his generosity, compassion and unwavering commitment to his friends and family. We mourn the passing of a devoted parent, a caring husband and a true friend. Let us come together to support each other through this difficult time and keep Michael’s memory alive in our hearts.

We are all committed to helping the Larkin family following this tragedy. To raise money for Julia Larkin and her four young children, Jack, Colin, Michael and Katie, Jessica Farrell organized a fundraiser. To reach its goal of $30,000, the fundraiser has so far raised an incredible $23,500. All contributions, regardless of size, will have a substantial impact in providing a better future for the Larkin children and helping the family cover funeral costs. We are extremely grateful for Jessica Farrell’s commitment and kindness in putting this campaign together. Please click on the GoFundMe link provided to donate and ease the pressure on the Larkin family.

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