Montreal punk rock quintet The Speakeasy releases their self-titled debut album

Montreal, Quebec (Release): Montreal group The Speakeasy has released its self-titled debut album, via Thousand Islands Records. Each track on their debut album is a carefully crafted story, blending elements of nostalgia, passion and a touch of the unknown. With their distinctive sound, The Speakeasy invite listeners into a world where musical boundaries dissolve.

Coming from the vibrant punk scene of Montreal’s North Shore, The Speakeasy are a punk rock quintet best known for their energetic live performances with their blend of heavy skate punk. With a collective punk rock journey spanning two decades, the band officially came to life in November 2017.

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Two EPs marked their journey, leaving a chaotic mark on the punk landscape. Today, as they prepare for the release of their third album, the anticipation is palpable. After some notable festivals like Pouzza Fest, Music 4 Cancer and Festirock, The Speakeasy gained more and more attention on the punk rock scene by delivering an electrifying live performance.

Stepping into the spotlight, The Speakeasy signed with Thousand Islands Records for their sophomore album, a partnership that echoes their rebellious spirit. But it’s not just about record deals; it’s about breaking the chains of creative confinement. Speakeasy music is a call for unity, a rebellion against the norm.

The upcoming LP, which moves away from the concept album format, is a declaration of freedom from rigid rules. It is a raw expression of the kaleidoscope of life inspired by passion, pandemic, work routine, mental health issues, the grip of addiction, the complexities of love, the allure of sex and the resilience found in being knocked down and getting back up again. Again. Their music is not just a soundtrack; it’s a celebration of the punk spirit that invites you to join their revolution. The stage is set, the amps are humming and The Speakeasy is ready to ignite.

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