“Mr. Spade”, episode 1 to remember: the AMC series ends on a cliffhanger as Philippe Saint-André is shot

Contains spoilers for “Mister Spade”

BAZUEL, FRANCE: The first episode of “Monsieur Spade” aired on AMC on January 14. The French-American neo-noir television series created by Scott Frank and Tom Fontana stars Clive Owen in the title role.

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The plot follows the story of Samuel Spade (Clive Owen), San Francisco’s greatest private detective, who comes to France to deliver Teresa (Cara Bossom) to her father, Philippe Saint-André (Jonathan ZaccaI), after her mother , Brigid. O-Shaughnessey dies.

While Philippe is missing, his mother refuses to accept Teresa as a granddaughter. However, Sam, for whom Teresa was a paid mission, ends up sending her to the local convent while he marries Gabrielle (Chiara Mastroianni), a woman he fell in love with during his visit to France.

Eight years later, Philippe returns to town and Sam assumes he has his eyes on Teresa’s trust fund.

What happened to Philippe Saint-André?

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Episode 1 of “Mister Spade” leaves us on a cliffhanger with many unanswered questions. Sam Spade receives a call from Philippe asking him to stay away from Teresa. During the conversation, Sam hears gunshots and wonders if someone shot Philippe.

Sam goes to the police station to report the incident and when he returns home, he finds Teresa, 15, outside his house. Breathless, she says that her father was shot and that he came to see her at the convent.

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After being questioned by Sam, Teresa says that the monk could have shot him as he burst into the convent and was heard screaming.

Even at this point, it’s unclear whether Philippe is dead or alive. Teresa says she saw her father injured but then he left. However, his visit was poorly attended by Monk, indicating that he may have followed Philip to kill him.

Is Philippe Saint-André behind the murders of the nuns?

Although Philippe’s status, dead or alive, remains unclear, the episode sparks speculation about his potential connection to the murder of the convent’s nuns.

However, after Teresa tells all about the incident, Sam rushes to the convention to investigate. He finds the girls locked in a room while the nuns are nowhere to be found. Looking further, he finds them dead under mysterious circumstances.

The episode ends with viewers wondering who could be behind the murders of the innocent nuns and if Philippe had anything to do with it. This also raises the question of how Teresa escaped from the convent while other girls were locked inside.

The mystery behind Gabrielle Spade’s death has yet to be revealed, with the first episode hinting that Philippe was behind it.

Episode 2 of “Mister Spade” will air next Sunday, January 21, only on AMC.

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