“My Big Fat Fabulous Life” star Buddy Bell marries despite controversy

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Buddy Bell’s wife is Courtney Marsh, whom he married after a heartfelt journey that began when they met in November 2020. Courtney, originally from Southern Pines, North Carolina, works as a store manager at Mockingbird on Broad, a local . a gift shop known for its community presence.

Their relationship blossomed quickly, with Buddy describing their bond as “love at first sight”. Courtney’s creativity, problem solving skills and kind nature made her a beloved figure among their friends and fans of the reality show “My Big Fat Fabulous Life”, where Buddy and Whitney Thore are featured personalities.

Despite maintaining a private social media presence, Courtney’s influence and support for Buddy was evident, especially during their engagement in December 2021. Their wedding was celebrated with a traditional vintage style setting where Buddy wore a classic tuxedo and Courtney was seen with a gorgeous textured. garment and veil.

“My whole life changed with just one date, suddenly — love at first sight. Things are too perfect, you know? She’s sexy and beautiful and like my body type, hilarious. She has a great future lined up for her. It’s good. . It is really, really good,” Buddy Bell said.

Buddy Bell and BFF Whitney Way Thorne have been accused of dating

Buddy Bell and Whitney Way Thorne, stars of “My Big Fat Fabulous Life” and TLC’s BFFs, have faced ongoing speculation and rumors about the nature of their relationship. As best friends who share a close bond, their dynamic has often been misinterpreted by viewers and fans.

The rumors of them dating or having a romantic involvement intensified due to their deep friendship as they were each other’s support systems through various life events and ups and downs.

However, both Buddy and Whitney have made it clear on several occasions that their relationship is strictly platonic. Despite occasional moments of confusion, many fans were convinced that Courtney would not attend Buddy’s wedding, but to everyone’s surprise, she did.

Buddy Bell is Whitney's best friend and sidekick.  (Instagram/@thebuddybell)
Buddy Bell is Whitney Way Thorne’s best friend (Instagram/@thebuddybell)

Whitney Way Thorne’s engagement was broken off in 2020

Whitney Way Thorne’s failed engagement was a significant personal challenge the reality star faced during her time on “My Big Fat Fabulous Life.” She was engaged to Chase Severino, and their relationship was a central plot in the show.

However, things took a heartbreaking turn when Whitney discovered that Chase had gotten another woman pregnant during their time apart, caused by the pandemic lockdowns. That revelation shattered Whitney, who envisioned a future with Chase. The betrayal and public nature of the breakup added to her emotional turmoil, but Whitney navigated through it with the support of her friends and family, including her close friend Buddy Bell.

Whitney Thore just stepped into the 300 pound weight threshold.  (YouTube/TLC)
Whitney Way Thore from her TLC show (YouTube/@TLC)

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