“My Big Fat Fabulous Life” star Whitney Way Thore’s ex Lennie Alehat welcomes child with girlfriend

GREENSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA: Although Whitney Way Thore and her ex-partner Lennie Alehat kissed in St. Lucia, she was surprised to hear about some major new developments in his love life. In the season 11 premiere of “My Big Fat Fabulous Life” last year, Lennie revealed to Whitney that he was seeing someone else.

In the September 2023 episode, Lennie revealed that he had been “seeing someone” for the past two months or so. Whitney was shocked to learn this, especially since she had been spending a lot of time with Lennie lately without him ever mentioning his relationship status.

Fast forward to 2024, and we’ve learned some significant developments in Lennie’s love life, including his new girlfriend, Allison Topeka.

Lennie Alehat, star of
Lennie Alehat, star of “My Big Fat Fabulous Life” has a girlfriend (Instagram/@tlc)

“My Big Fat Fabulous Life’s Lennie Alehat debuts his ‘love of my life’

Whitney’s ex-boyfriend Lennie, star of TLC’s “My Big Fat Fabulous Life,” surprised viewers in December 2023 when he introduced the love of his life on Instagram to his 36.4K followers: his beautiful newborn daughter, Genevieve.

In 2017, on the TLC show, Whitney believed she was pregnant. Despite their breakup, Lennie expressed a desire to be a father, although they had no intentions of reconciliation.

The pregnancy turned out to be a cyst, not a baby. Six years later, after two years of sobriety, Lennie welcomed his desired child. Lennie included 10 separate images in his shocking update. “Meet the love of my life, Genevieve, my daughter.,” he said in the caption.

In one picture, Lennie appeared to be holding his beautiful newborn daughter for the first time at the hospital. In another shot, he was shown at home, gently cradling his daughter as they rested together.

A third picture captured the joyful moment of the bright-eyed baby being examined in the hospital. Lennie’s post at the time included only one picture of the mother. Her face was obscured behind his daughter’s head out of respect for her privacy. However, by the end of 2023, that surprise was also revealed.

Lennie Alehat star of
Lennie Alehat, star of “My Big Fat Fabulous Life” with his daughter Genevieve (Instagram/@magicscienceland)

What does the girlfriend of “My Big Fat Fabulous Life” star Lennie Alehat do for work?

Lennie returned to social media shortly after Christmas to introduce the mother of his child to his Instagram followers. Allison was first featured in a post on December 26th. Even though Allison doesn’t appear often on her timeline since then, Lennie can be spotted in some of Allison’s posts.

Allison is a registered massage therapist based in Greensboro with eight years of clinical experience. Her focused areas of interest include embodied trauma, chronic pain management, treating postural dysfunction and stress reduction through her practice.

Allison possesses extensive training in a variety of modalities, including hot/cold stone, shiatsu, myofascial, deep tissue, lymphatic, prenatal, and free movement bodywork. She was named the runner-up for best massage therapist in Greensboro by Yes! Every week.

Allison is the massage therapist at State Street Somatics, where her goal is to provide massage and bodywork that has a deep and powerful impact.

Allison’s goal is to meet individuals where they are and help them achieve small or long-term goals, such as pain, stress, sports performance, anxiety, maintenance work or remembering how to relax. She is an expert in working with chronic pain caused by postural dysfunction or injury compensation.

Allison is a passionate, results-oriented therapist with eight years of diverse experience who enjoys learning, growing and expanding her skill set as a practitioner. She worked as a licensed massage therapist at Kneaded Energy Inc for over eight years before joining State Street Somatics in 2022.

The girlfriend of
“My Big Fat Fabulous Life” star Lennie Alehat’s girlfriend Allison Dombroski is a massage therapist (LinkedIn/@allison-dombroski)

Whitney Way Thore of “My Big Fat Fabulous Life” becomes an “uncle” to ex Lennie Alehat’s daughter

Whitney posted a picture on Instagram in February of herself sitting with Lennie’s baby. Despite a sweet green ribbon on her head, the baby seemed unsure about being held by the “MBFFL” star.

Whitney mentioned being Genevieve’s uncle in her caption. She wrote, “Friday night with Uncle Whitney & Evie! @magicscienceland and Allison made such a sweet baby. 🎀.”

The “My Big Fat Fabulous Life” star answered the TLC fan’s poll by telling them in detail why she is an uncle. She replied, “I always did – one of my cousin’s sons used to call my mum ‘Uncle Babs’, so I do the same 😊.”

Check out this post on Instagram

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Why did Whitney Way Thore of “My Big Fat Fabulous Life” break up with Lennie Alehat?

Lennie and Whitney first connected on Tinder, and their relationship began with his brief appearance in season two of “My Big Fat Fabulous Life.” Despite rumors of infidelity, their relationship came to an end in season three, despite hopes that their love would endure.

The ex Lennie Alehat of the star Whitney Thore of
“My Big Fat Fabulous Life” Whitney Thore’s ex Lennie Alehat reveals he has a new GF (@tlc/Instagram/@magicscienceland)

Season 12 of ‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’ premieres on TLC and Max on Tuesday, July 9, at 9pm ET.

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