NBA Fans Defend Jimmy Butler Against Claims The Miami Heat Star Is More Corny Than Jayson Tatum

After a fan compared Jimmy Butler and his recent actions to the criticism that Jayson Tatum has received, many others supported Butler and engaged in a heated debate on social media. For those who may not know, Butler is the franchise star for the Miami Heat. He was unable to play in their first-round matchup against the Boston Celtics after sustaining an injury during the play-in tournament.

A video of Butler interacting with the audience recently went viral. The fan who posted this video in question pointed out that Jimmy should be considered more queer compared to Tatum. That said, let’s take a closer look and find out more.

Jimmy Butler claimed bet money to play 1v1 against a kid

It is well established that Jimmy Butler views himself as a stickler and is always looking to make a little extra money whenever possible. A video of him telling a young boy on the court that they could only play 1-on-1 if the boy was willing to bet money on the game gained traction on social media.

A fan posted this video and claimed that Butler didn’t behave fairly and that Jayson Tatum shouldn’t be considered queer compared to Jimmy. While some might argue that this fan had a valid point. Many rose to Jimmy’s defense and claimed that his behavior was not strange due to the fact that the Heat star is more likable, “Jimmy just more likable not so deep.”

In any case, NBA players are under no obligation to take 1v1 challenges from randoms. It’s certainly Butler’s decision to ask anyone to bet on a game. While this action may not be seen as kind, one has to wonder if it deserves to be compared to Tatum’s recent behavior.

Jayson Tatum was called quirky for his behavior after winning the NBA championship

After helping the Boston Celtics win an NBA title, Jayson Tatum was caught trying to reproduce quotes from other NBA champions of the past such as Kevin Garnett and Steph Curry. Because he didn’t say anything original, fans called his behavior after winning the championship as quirky.

Tatum and Butler’s behavior really can’t be compared. After all, both actions took place in very different environments. Maybe some fans want to take a shot at Jimmy Butler while defending Jayson Tatum at the same time. In any case, there’s no way to tell which NBA star is hornier than the other.

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