‘Netflix is ​​cheap’: Internet criticizes production as ‘Queer Eye’ carjacking almost ends filming in New Orleans

NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA: A series of horrific events on location in the Crescent City has shaken the cast and crew of “Queer Eye,” prompting a security change, a shortened eighth season and a threatened Fab 5 walkout As rumors of carjacking and other crimes circulate online, fans fear this could be the end of the road for Fab 5.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the stars of Netflix’s “Queer Eye” almost dropped out of the season filmed in New Orleans due to violence concerns. The popular series sheds a positive light on the people of New Orleans, but new research presents a more troubling picture of the show’s presence in the city.

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Netflix renews
The next season of ‘Queer Eye’ was disrupted by carjackings and crimes (Instagram/@bobby)

The Hollywood Reporter discusses the carjacking and attempted carjackings using cars filmed by “Queer Eye.” According to the complaint, on July 2, 2022, five men wearing ski masks attempted to hijack a production car while staff were unloading it.

Then, five days later, two people attempted to hijack another production vehicle, but were prevented when the passengers locked the doors. The perpetrators then took a “Queer Eye” staff member into another production vehicle and fled.

Netflix increased security following both events and the production team attended a discussion in the aftermath. During that discussion, “Queer Eye” star Tan France reportedly threatened to leave the project if more safety measures weren’t implemented, a threat backed by his co-stars.

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The Hollywood Reporter bases most of the article on anonymous sources, although it has corroborated the carjacking and attempted carjacking allegations with the NOPD. As reports of carjackings and production cost crises have surfaced on the internet, fans fear this could force the Fab 5 to bow out, especially after Bobby Berk announced that season 8 of the series would be his very last.

On Reddit, fans wrote: “We’re being put at risk due to poor security, so you cut our pay on top of that? I’d be furious.”

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While another user wrote: “Oh gee, that seems more accurate. No wonder Bobby wants to step down. As a high-profile queer person, I’m surprised safety wasn’t the baseline of all their productions, whatever the location.”

One fan observed: “Wow, that’s scary. This article really makes it seem like all the safety issues were taken seriously, but to me it seems like that was only true after each event terrible. Reading between the lines, I bet the cast and crew did.” I don’t feel as supported when it took them a lot of trouble to install the level of security they should have started with.

A fourth user added: “It seems like most of the problems are because Netflix is ​​cheap as usual.”

A crew member attempted to corroborate the story under the Reddit thread, writing: “A crew member was robbed in broad daylight, and the Fab 5 truck was almost robbed under threat of a weapon, hence the increase in security.”

A Reddit user also wrote: “Yeah, that’s not surprising at all. I feel bad for them, but this has been a HUGE problem lately in New Orleans. Production should have stopped “Beware, it’s no secret that carjacking in New Orleans has gotten out of control.”

On the set of the new season of
On the set of the new season of “Queer Eye”, the crime alarmed the Fab Five (Instagram/queereye)

Why did Bobby Berk leave ‘Queer Eye’?

Bobby called his departure from the show “necessary” in an X-rated post.

“It is with a heavy heart that I announce that season eight will be my final season on Queer Eye,” Bobby said in a tweet.

“This has not been an easy decision to be at peace with, but a necessary one. Although my journey with Queer Eye is over, my journey with you is not. You will see more of me very soon.”

I am so proud of you all! Being able to guide you to find the best version of yourself is something I have never taken for granted and never will.

— Bobby (@bobbyberk) November 13, 2023

Following the revelation, US Weekly said that Bobby was “asked to leave” the Netflix series “because he wasn’t vibing with the cast.”

“There were many challenges with planning [and] “There has been a loss of interest on Bobby’s part in filming the show,” a source told the publication.

“The network and the cast thought it was time to bring in some fresh blood. His heart wasn’t in it, and the rest of the cast started to resent him because of it.”

Another source, however, disputes that Bobby was asked to leave the program, saying “the decision was amicable.” Bobby has not commented on the rumors.

Bobby Berk is an Emmy-winning television host (Instagram/@bobby)
Bobby Berk will leave ‘Queer Eye’ after season 8 (Instagram/@bobby)

What happened between Bobby Berk and ‘Queer Eye’ co-star Tan France?

The Fab Five attended the Emmys this weekend, where “Queer Eye” received the award for Outstanding Structured Reality Program, but there was supposed to be more drama between Tan and Bobby. Both shared photos of the actors holding their Emmys, but neither tagged the other, and Tan carefully avoided posting photos with Bobby in them.

Bobby unfollowed Tan and Antoni Porowski on Instagram, although they both continue to follow him. Tan was also the only member of the Fab Five who didn’t respond to Bobby’s leaving message.

Tan later unfollowed Bobby on Instagram, stating that neither of them had followed the other. However, Bobby started following Antoni again on Instagram.

Tan reportedly unfollowed Bobby after he posted an ad for season eight of “Queer Eye” without identifying Tan. Bobby tagged every other member of the “Queer Eye” cast, only tagging Tan after a few hours of the post airing.

Bobby eventually tagged him, but not on his main account, but on his secondary account, @shaded, where Tan hasn’t posted in almost three years.

Booby and Tan didn’t tag themselves in their Instagram posts celebrating their Emmy wins, although they did tag the rest of the “Queer Eye” ensemble. Tan took the drama even further by excluding any footage of Bobby at the event, instead focusing on the rest of the “Queer Eye” group.

The partners of
‘Queer Eye’ co-stars Tan France and Bobby Berk may have had a fallout (Instagram/tanfrance/bobby)

When will ‘Queer Eye’ season 8 premiere?

All six episodes of “Queer Eye” season 8 will premiere on January 24.

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