NFL fans reject Internet’s attempts to pit Taylor Swift against Simone Biles at Chiefs vs. Packers game

Green Bay, Wisconsin: Taylor Swift wasn’t the only celebrity who attended the Chiefs and Packers face-off game at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin on December 3. “The most decorated gymnast in history” Simone Biles also graced the stadium and cheered on her husband, Green Bay safety Jonathan Owens.

Although once again, the pop sensation became the center of attraction at the game, many fans were also excited to see the seven-time Olympic medalist.

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Swift’s presence did not benefit the Kansas City Chiefs. She had to watch her tough boyfriend’s team lose 27-19 to the Green Bay Packers.

Taylor Swift attends the game between the Kansas City Chiefs and Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field on December 03, 2023 in Green Bay, Wisconsin (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)

Simone Biles is a steady and constant support for her husband

The 26-year-old Olympic hero attracted the attention of NFL fans at Lambeau Field. She was seen kissing her husband shortly before kickoff.

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Biles often regularly attended Owens’ games, supporting the team. After enjoying their dating life for almost three years, Biles and Owens officially got married in April 2023.

Simone Biles tries to attend most of her husband Jonathan Owens' games (@simonebiles/Instagram)
Simone Biles tries to attend as many of her husband Jonathan Owens’ games (@simonebiles/Instagram)

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Throughout the entire NFL season, she has been an unwavering support of her husband. When Owens joined the Packers in May he expressed pride and also revealed that he “poked his eyes out” when seeing them off for training camp.

Simone Biles wishes husband Jonathan Owens good luck before the game! 💚💛

— NBC Olympics & Paralympics (@NBCOlympics) December 4, 2023

NFL fans say game is ‘no competition’ between Swift and Biles

Despite an exciting NFL night, some netizens pitted Biles against Swift, taking the focus away from the game.

Everyone is making a big deal about Taylor Swift attending the Chiefs-Packers game. But Simone Biles is there too and isn’t that great? Her husband plays for the Packers.

– Don Lewis (@DonLew87) December 4, 2023

Although NFL fans of both teams discussed the game online, other netizens turned it into a celebrity-attention competition, with many criticizing Swift for receiving more attention than Biles despite her international accomplishments.

Shifting the focus from the game to players’ romantic partners has certainly upset NFL fans, forcing them to remind netizens to stop turning it into an unnecessary competition because both women are incredible in their fields. Are.

“This is not a competition…stop making it a competition,” one user said.

It’s not a competition…stop making it a competition

– 🌹Rose (@LoveBTS14519872) December 4, 2023

Another user echoed the same sentiment, writing, “This is not a competition. Both are amazing women and we support and appreciate them.”

This is not a competition. Both are fantastic women and we support and appreciate them

– Houston (@houston1954) December 4, 2023

A third user commented, “Different talents, but they are two incredible women.”

Different talents, but they are two incredible women!

— Diana Plant (@DianaPlant5) December 4, 2023

A fourth user said, “They are in 2 different leagues of their own, so why compare? Both megastars.”

They are in 2 different leagues of their own so why compare? both megastars

– Dianne Richardson (@oldthrif) December 4, 2023

One response said, “It’s great that they were both there. It’s no competition.” Another user said: “Hey, I’m just looking for football! This is almost taking away from the game. Both ladies are great.”

It’s great that both of them were there. This is not a competition.

– denisemlowe💙 (@denisemlowe6) December 4, 2023

Hey, I’m just looking for football! The situation is about to be taken away from the game. both women are great

– Donna Smith (@dflucassmith46) December 4, 2023

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