Nicole Brown Simpson’s sisters break their silence on OJ’s ‘complicated’ death

Nicole Brown Simpson’s sisters have broken their silence over the death of her ex-husband, OJ Simpson.

OJ, who was famously accused and later acquitted of Nicole’s death in the 90s, “passed away from his battle with cancer” last month at the age of 76 – and Dominique Brown, Tanya Brown and Denise Brown had mixed emotions.

“It’s very complicated,” Dominique, 59, told People on Wednesday, as Tanya, 54, added, “This is a person who’s been in our life for a very long time, who has done damage to our family. It’s like the end of a chapter.”

The sisters of Nicole Brown Simpson spoke out after the death of OJ Simpson. Getty Images

Dominique and Denise said Nicole introduced them to OJ in 1977 when the aspiring model and photographer was 18.

Dominique told the outlet that she thought OJ was “awesome” after watching the Buffalo Bills running back play football.

However, “all hell broke loose when we got home that night,” Denise recalled, when OJ “fell” over seeing Nicole kiss a mutual male friend on the cheek at the game.

“He had her upstairs in the bathroom, crying. He said, ‘You embarrassed me.'”

Dominique noted that Nicole “thought everything would be different having a child” after the latter became pregnant with her and OJ’s daughter, Sydney Simpson, now 38.

But according to the sisters, things only got more volatile.

“She was pregnant, and he called her a fat pig,” Denise, 66, recalled, admitting she “thought they were isolated incidents.”

However, when she received word that Nicole had been stabbed to death in June 1994 at the age of 35, she said her response was, “Oh my God, he did it. He finally did it.”

Meanwhile, Tanya explained that she was convinced that OJ was responsible when DNA evidence – including blood found in his white Bronco and at his house – was introduced at his 1995 trial for the murders of Nicole and her friend Ron Goldman.

Dominique, for her part, declined to say whether she thought the NFL star was guilty “for the sake of the children.”

Sydney and her brother, Justin Simpson, now 35, were upstairs sleeping at Nicole’s Brentwood, California, apartment when the blonde beauty and Goldman, then 25, were killed in the yard.

At the time of her horrific death – two years after ending her seven-year marriage to OJ – Nicole was seemingly thriving.

“What no one knows she experienced before her death is freedom,” Dominique said. “There was this ease with her. She was glowing.”

Tanya added that Nicole “had a good time the last two years of her life.”

Although OJ was acquitted of the double murders, the athlete was deemed responsible for the deaths of Nicole and Goldman in a lawsuit later filed by the families of the slain.

OJ reportedly died of prostate cancer and was “surrounded by his children and grandchildren” at the time.

He was last photographed smiling at a Las Vegas restaurant in February shortly after denying reports that he had entered hospice care.

In addition to Sydney and Justin, OJ is survived by two children – daughter Arnelle Simpson, 55, and son Jason Simpson, 54 – from his first marriage to Marguerite Whitley.

OJ was predeceased by his and Whitley’s daughter Aaren Simpson, who drowned in the family’s swimming pool in 1979 at the age of 1.

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