Nina Daniels landed her first major UFC interview with Merab Dvishvili and the rest is history.

UFC interviewer Nina Marie Daniels has become a social media sensation in a very short time. Her content segments and personality have helped her become close with the MMA community as well as UFC fighters. Nina’s candid and intimate interviews with UFC stars such as Sean Strickland, Tom Aspinall and Drickus du Plessis have helped her gain a following and reach fans.

Nina Daniel got her first modeling contract in 2017 and later tried out for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition magazine. The former model was also awarded the coveted ‘Playmate of the Year’ title by Playboy. She then turned her attention to MMA and built her network and image before signing with the biggest promotion in combat sports, the UFC.

In a recent social media post, Nina Daniel shared a touching message of appreciation to No. 2 ranked bantamweight Merab Dvailishvili. she said, “You are such a great friend to me; You are one of the best men I know. You are good inside and out; You are loyal, respectful; You are such an asset to the UFC, to the community. I love you the king, friend. I am very excited for your journey. I have watched every fight since I have known you and I am proud of you.”

She thanked the Georgian professional mixed martial artist for being one of the first UFC fighters to allow me to interview him. This was even before the model was signed with the organization.

Nina Daniels recalls her first meeting with Merab Dvalishvili before being signed by the UFC

The UFC interviewer and social media influencer also shares her struggles during her early days while transitioning into her new career. She recounted how she had to travel from Huntington Beach to Las Vegas every weekend to watch Apex fights in hopes of interviewing fighters or celebrities. This shows her dedication and love for the sport, which is often praised even by UFC President Dana White.

In her first interview with Merab, the UFC fighter shared, “There was snow everywhere, and then the lake froze over. I thought it was just ice, and I jump on the cold water, and I break my head. I had 70 stitches in my head last winter.

This was the story of him getting 70 stitches while jumping into a frozen lake. It freaks out the interviewer and makes for hilarious conversation for the fans. They also talked about his favorite movies and craziest encounters during childhood. Daniel also wished him well for his upcoming fight against former UFC double champion Henry Cejudo at UFC 298.

Merab Dvalishvili shares a sparring and wrestling session with Nina Daniel

Ahead of his UFC 298 showdown, Merab Bishwali was seen engaging in a playful spat with friend and interviewer Nina. The two were seen exchanging wrestling moves and working around the mat. The UFC fighter was able to teach the former model some of his takedown moves, which the latter successfully executed.

Nina is known for upping the standards for her interviews and getting more involved with fighters, including a recent sparring session with former middleweight champion Sean Strickland. These are just a few examples of how UFC interviewers have put themselves on the spot to entertain the MMA community. She also thanked Merab for being a great friend and always believing in her throughout her career.

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