Not fair: ‘AGT’ season 19 fans express displeasure as Helena the Foot Juggler fails to receive Golden Buzzer

PASADENA, CALIFORNIA: ‘America’s Got Talent’ released an early audition of Season 19, airing on Tuesday, July 9, showing a foot juggler who wowed the judges with his unique talent. However, many fans took the comments to criticize the judges for not giving Helen the Foot Juggler the chance to receive a Golden Buzzer.

Helen began spinning several sequin covered fabric circles with her hands and feet while lying on her back. She then raised the front using her feet to balance a large square table.

Helen kicked the table into the air and caught it with her feet, leaving both judges and the audience visibly stunned. She ended up balancing one table leg on one foot, even turning it in various orientations.

She also added a piece of fabric to her other foot and spun sparkling rings around her arms, adding even more sparkle to the performance. When Helen stood up after her act, the audience applauded, and she appeared emotional.

She received standing ovations from all four judges, but no Golden Buzzer was awarded. On YouTube, fans complained, with one stating, “She deserves a Golden buzzer, that was phenomenal.” Another fan added, “Deserved Golden Buzzer.”

One fan wrote, “Helen deserved a Golden Buzzer. She’s the Golden Juggler, come on judges.” Another fan said, “Giving a Golden Buzzer should be much appreciated.”

One fan noted, “Wow! I’ve never seen anything like this. Come on AGT, she deserved a golden buzzer.” Another added, “She deserves the golden buzzer ..She’s so fun to watch ..brilliant talent.”

Helen the Foot Juggler during her
Helen the Foot Juggler during her “AGT” Season 19 audition (YouTube/@agt)

“AGT” Season 19 judges go ‘crazy’ over Helen the Foot Juggler’s audition

Helen was informed by Sofía Vergara that although she was not thrilled with the act at first, it turned out to be quite entertaining. “You could juggle for me for a whole hour, and I’d be very happy,” she said.

Noting that she can juggle some “crazy stuff” in the next round, Heidi Klum noted that the audience “hasn’t seen anything like this before” on the show. Simon Cowell then stepped in, suggesting pizza at that point.

“Simon, you build it, I juggle it,” Helen called back. According to Howie Mandel, Helen’s career “is about to take off.” The four judges all said “yes”, allowing her to continue to the next round.

“AGT” Season 19 judges applaud Helen the Foot Juggler’s audition act (YouTube/@agt)

Who is Helen the Foot Juggler on ‘AGT’ Season 19?

Helen, a novelty juggler from Season 19 of “AGT”, is known as Helen the Foot Juggler. Her real name is Helen Wonjila. Born and raised in Ethiopia’s capital, Addis Ababa, Helen currently resides in San Diego and is a full-time mother. In recent months, she has performed at NBA and NHL halftime shows.

“AGT” Season 19 contestant Helen the Foot Juggler currently lives in San Diego and is a full-time mother (Instagram/@helenthefootjuggler)

Helen the Foot Juggler of ‘AGT started to become a gymnast

Helen was one of several talented gymnasts awarded scholarships in China. She and the other champion gymnasts expected a gymnastics scholarship but discovered it was a circus scholarship. Due to the language barrier, this error could not be corrected.

Because of her long legs, Helen was chosen to learn foot juggling. After her scholarship, she moved to Germany to pursue her circus career before eventually settling in the Middle East and Turkey. She was later hired, along with several other Ethiopian gymnasts, to work at a safari park in San Diego.

“AGT” Season 19 contestant Helen the Foot Juggler was one of several talented gymnasts awarded scholarships in China (Instagram/@helenthefootjuggler)

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