‘Obhorrent’ Dorit Kemsley Called Out After ‘RHOBH’ Star Accuses Husband Paul Kemsley of Being ‘Hard’

BEVERLY HILLS, CALIFORNIA: In one of the recent clips from “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” Dorit Kemsley was seen talking to her husband Paul “PK” Kemsley about some “triggers” in their relationship.

That’s when Dorit claimed that her husband wasn’t as nice to her as he used to be and had become a lot meaner to her in recent years.

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“When if I fell in love with PK when I met him, he could give up on things so easily and I feel like in the last few years he’s really become really hard on me, a little mean sometimes. Like go low, and I don’t like that aspect of it,” Dorit said.

“When I first met Dorit, she was a beautiful, bubbly, enthusiastic girl and she wasn’t as high maintenance as she is today,” PK fired back in his confessional video.

However, the internet didn’t seem to completely agree with Dorit’s view that her husband was mean to her, and explained that PK was only telling her the “truth.”

“Run PK run!! “, joked one user on Instagram.

“Over the years? How long have they been together??” said one of them.

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“PK don’t change, stand your ground because your wife will have to stop spending on crappy things and wasting money,” another user commented.

“He’s done with this,” one user said.

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“Dori cares about her image, not PTSD, she’s using it as a NEW crutch,” one user added.

“He’s done with your drama and lack of love language, baby,” another user added.

“Now, I’m not saying she’s a gold digger, but… she’s extremely high maintenance!” said one of them.

“PK was like this from the beginning. Dorit just woke up,” another mentioned.

“’He could let go easily’, meaning she was really boring and she got a pass because she was pretty. PK said no more! lol,” added one.

“No, he can’t put up with your nonsense anymore,” added another.

“A brand new accent that everyone clearly sees is fake and your husband says you’ve transformed into something a little obnoxious. Look in the mirror, girl,” one user said.

Will ‘RHOBH’ Star Dorit Kemsley Split From Paul Kemsley?

Responding to rumors surrounding their split, Dorit and PK released a joint statement to PEOPLE, which read:

“We remain committed to resolving these issues as a united couple for our family,” they said.

“We have not separated and we have no plans to do so. Instead, we focus on healing, changes, and things that many couples need to do at some point in their marriage.

We would be grateful for everyone’s understanding,” the couple continued.

“We do what we can to focus on the best interests of our family, instead of spending our time competing with rumors and hearsay that are not true. »

A photo of Dorit Kemsley from episode 3 of season 13 of “RHOBH” (YouTube/Bravo)
Dorit Kemsley and PK said they were working through ‘issues’ in their marriage (YouTube/Bravo)

How much debt does ‘RHOBH’ star Dorit Kemsley owe?

Dorit, known for her glamorous appearance in bold designer outfits, reportedly has an individual tax debt of $90,269 to the state of California, as shown in a March 2021 tax lien.

The couple’s overall financial situation appears daunting, with a combined debt amounting to a substantial $1,308,803. PK, once associated with a £500 million British property empire, was hit hardest by the 2008 financial crash, which drove it into bankruptcy.

Despite this setback, he managed to reinvent himself in America. During his early top-flight years, PK was vice-chairman of Tottenham Hotspur.

Known as a friend of Alan Sugar, PK even played a formidable role as one of the formidable interviewers on “The Apprentice.”

However, the financial crisis marked an important turning point in its prosperous journey.

Dorit Kemsley takes on Erika Jayne in the season 13 premiere of
Dorit Kemsley is extremely in debt (bravotv)

How did ‘RHOBH’ star Dorit Kemsley and Paul Kemsley meet?

In 2011, living in New York, the duo chanced upon each other at a local restaurant, sparking an instant connection. Remembering that fateful night, the Bravo personality told Wedding Style magazine in March 2015, “We dated and were inseparable from that first night.”

The couple’s journey to parenthood began with the arrival of their first child, son Jagger, in 2014. Two years later, after the joy of Jagger’s birth, the reality star happily welcomed their daughter, Phoenix, completing their growing family.

Dorit Kemsley faced backlash for her tone-deaf Instagram post following her 'RHOBH' racial discussion (Instagram/doritkemsley)
Dorit Kemsley and PK with their children (Instagram/@doritkemsley)

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