Object thrown at Florence Pugh’s face during ‘Dune 2’ promo at CCXP sparks outrage.

Sao Paulo, Brazil: In a shocking turn of events at CCXP 2023, Florence Pugh got hit in the face by a flying object during a promotional event for the highly anticipated ‘Dune: Part Two’.

The incident occurred when Pugh, along with her fellow stars and filmmaker Denis Villeneuve, took to the stage on Sunday, December 3 to engage with fans and promote the sci-fi sequel.

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Florence Pugh gets hit on the face while promoting ‘Dune 2’ at CCXP 2023 (Getty Images)

Disturbing footage shows Florence Pugh suffering facial injuries

Video circulating online captured the uncomfortable moment when an unidentified object was thrown from the audience toward Pugh, hitting him in the face.

The actress appeared visibly hesitant, uttered a surprised “wow” or “ow”, then instinctively put her hand to her face and bent down to retrieve the object.

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The cast of ‘Dune: Part Two’, including Timothée Chalamet, Zendaya and Austin Butler, along with writer-director Denis Villeneuve were present at the conference in Sao Paulo, Brazil for the promotional event.

The incident drew immediate reactions from the audience, with Chalamet and Butler expressing shock in the heat of the moment, while Zendaya and Villeneuve seemed oblivious as they remained engrossed in conversation.

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Someone threw something at Florence Pugh at #CCXP23 and hit her in the face pic.twitter.com/aWB7J0gOyV

– Timmostea (@timmostea) December 3, 2023

All the stars hit the stage fiercely

However, she is not the only celebrity to be a victim of such incidents. Earlier this year, Bebe Rexha needed stitches near her eyebrow after being hit by a thrown cell phone during a concert in New York.

Similarly, Harry Styles suffered an eye injury during a performance this summer.

The singer has experienced numerous instances of being hit by objects ranging from bouquets to chicken nuggets and even Skittles.

Kelsea Ballerini suffered a blow to the face from what many online believed to be a bracelet during a performance, and Kid Cudi reportedly had a water bottle thrown in his face during a concert.

Even the famous Adele, who has been affected by such incidents in the past, talked about these incidents while performing on stage.

During her Las Vegas residency this summer, Adele issued a stern warning to her fans, “F*****g dare you.” Dare to throw something at me. Have you noticed how people in America are forgetting the etiquette of showing obscenity? They’re just talking nonsense on stage.”

Internet angry over Florence Pugh’s incident on stage

Social media immediately expressed their outrage over Pugh’s incident, with many condemning the incident as “disgusting”.

One user asked, ‘Why did someone do this?’ Another said, “Disgusting. It’ll get to the point where people won’t want to do live events or concerts if they have to worry about people throwing stuff at them and getting hurt.”

Why did someone do this??

– Abby (@abbypomlover) December 3, 2023

Disgusting. It will get to the point where people won’t want to do live events or concerts. If they have to worry about people throwing stuff at them and getting hurt.

– Timmypinkwig (@timmypinkwig) December 3, 2023

A third tweeted, “It’s really horrible that people are doing this it’s really disgusting.” “I will find them and make them pay,” one tweet said.

“This is so inappropriate it could have easily hurt her,” one user said. One tweet claimed, “It’s time to stop threatening arrest and assault charges for throwing things at people. This is it.”

i’ll find them and pay them

– Alex (@barelyyalex) December 4, 2023

This is really horrible, people find it really disgusting to do this

– Kimarley Godfrey (@kimarleyget) December 3, 2023

This is so unfair that it could have easily hurt her

– Imade (@princessimaaxo) December 3, 2023

It’s time to start threatening arrest and assault charges for throwing things at people. it’s him.

– 716toMunich (@716toMunich) December 4, 2023

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