“Old villain”: the star of “Love Island USA” Aaron Evans criticized for interfering in the feud of Rob Rausch and Leah Kateb

MAMANUCA ISLANDS, Fiji: “Love Island USA” Season 6 islander Aaron Evans still isn’t over Andrea Carmona’s elimination. He especially seemed to be playing dirty games to stay in the villa by sabotaging other relationships and meddling in Robert Rausch and Leah Kateb’s explosive drama.

In the latest episode, Aaron has a conversation with Leah and tries to portray that he supports her decision to vote out Andrea. He then moved to Liv Walker and asked her if Leah tried to manipulate them into making the elimination decision. However, Aaron was chatting with Rob and he shared Leah’s comment with a bit of a twist.

He tried to think that it was all Leah’s plan to eliminate Andrea that left Rob angrier. Aaron dragged out Andrea’s elimination drama for the last few episodes which sparked outrage among viewers. A social media user commented, “Aaron is actually the manipulator.” Another person added, “Aaron is the fakest and weirdest bitch in the world. Voting him out next chance I get.”

Another critic noted, “Aaron is 1000% game player.” Another netizen wrote, “Let’s not forget AARON WON THE LOSERS UK!!!! HE KNOWS HOW TO PLAY THE GAME!” Another X-user said, “The real villain here is aaron.” Another viewer wrote, “‘You are a kind person.’ No, he’s not Aaron He intrigues like an old school villain.

Aaron is actually the #loveislandusa handler

— Tbecks (@maamiseun) June 28, 2024

Aaron is the fakest and weirdest dog in the world. voting him the next chance i get #loveislandusa

— ❤️ (@originalll1984) June 28, 2024

Aaron is 1000% gamer #loveislandusa

— Cheeros (@cheerios1024) June 28, 2024


— Q’Tya Wilson (@YillowSerena) June 28, 2024

the real villain here is aaron #loveislandusa

— Lyn. (@Kaylyn_Nicolee) June 28, 2024

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Aaron Evans slams Islanders over Andrea Carmona’s elimination

“Love Island USA” Season 6 star Aaron Evans was left very disappointed and sad after the elimination of Andrea Carmona. He called all the female islanders in frustration and claimed that they were plotting Andrea’s eviction. However, after the girls insisted they wanted to save JaNa Craig and give her a chance to explore more in the Fiji villa.

Aaron was particularly unconvinced with the explanation and exploded on JaNa. Aaron’s yelling left JaNa in tears and she also started to blame herself.

Aaron Evans slams girls for eliminating Andrea (@pavo)
Aaron Evans slams the girls for eliminating Andrea Carmona (@pavo)

Rob Rausch and Leah Kateb’s reunion is in jeopardy over Andrea Carmona’s elimination drama

Rob Rausch and Leah Kateb considered reconciling until they talked about Andrea Carmona’s elimination. Leah claimed she took a backseat in making Andrea’s eviction decision but he suggested she planned all the drama.

The islanders were embroiled in a heated conflict with Leah leaving in tears. However, things took a turn for the worse when Rob dubbed Leah a “batshit” and also called her a manipulator.

Liv Walker and Leah Kateb get involved in a heated argument (@pavo)
Rob Rausch and Leah Kateb were involved in a heated argument (@pavo)

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