Olivia Dunn Reveals Her Christmas ‘Santa’ and It’s Not MLB Star Paul Skenes

Baton Rouge, Louisiana: Paul Skenes and Olivia Dunn, who confirmed their much-talked-about romance, have emerged as the new power couple. However, the MLB player may have to celebrate Christmas alone this year, because Livi revealed who his Santa was – and it wasn’t him.

LSU gymnast Olivia Dunn, 21, also shared a photo of her Thanksgiving celebration featuring her beloved Labrador, Rox.

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Who is Olivia Dunn’s Santa in 2023?

With each new update since announcing their relationship, Olivia Dunn and Paul Skenes have been surprising fans. This power couple is often seen together and they love sharing adorable updates with their followers.

However, since Livvy has chosen a different Santa, the Skenes may face a wintry Christmas. As Christmas celebrations began, the LSU sensation posted an update to his Snapchat account, revealing his Santa.

Olivia Dunn is in a relationship with Paul Skenes (@livvydunne/Instagram)

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Dunn called fellow LSU gymnast Chase Brock her “Santa” and posted a selfie of them, presumably from a party. “Christmas @chesbrock,” she posted. It’s interesting that boyfriend Paul Skenes was left out this time, according to EssentialSports.

Livi and Brock have a close friendship and are teammates at LSU. Brock recently had a stellar vault performance and was named to the 2022 SEC Academic Honor Roll.

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Will Paul Skenes spend Christmas alone in 2023?

Livi and Skenes, both 21-year-old LSU players, firmly stated their decision: They intend to spend the winter in each other’s company while also nurturing their strong and maturing relationship as a couple.

As cuffing season approaches, Dunn posted a TikTok video showing off her adorable new outfit. Despite the collaboration with apparel company Vuori, Livi’s sense of style and plans for cuffing season were on show.

Olivia Dunn and Paul Skenes seen together (PaulSkens/Instagram)
Olivia Dunn and Paul Skenes seen together (PaulSkens/Instagram)

She seems to prefer Vuori clothes, which are ideal for cuddling up with Paul Skenes as winter approaches. Fans and Livi will be hoping to make the most of her final year at LSU as she prepares for winter with her new Santa.

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