Only two players have won a Super Bowl for three different teams and Tom Brady is not on the list!

The Super Bowl is one of the most iconic events in American football. Teams play with one goal in mind: to win a trophy and write their name in NFL history. Fourteen teams battle for a spot in the Super Bowl, but only one can win the Vince Lombardi Trophy. Although some players have won it multiple times, very few can actually boast of winning a championship with three different teams.

The Super Bowl is a sporting spectacle, and the winning team walks away with more than just silverware. Each player on the winning side receives a commemorative ring, thus cementing their legacy.

NFL legends like Tom Brady and Charles Haley have an enviable assortment. Brady is one of the most popular players of all time. He won the championship seven times before retiring.

Brady’s impressive numbers (Credit: People, NBC News)

On the other hand, Matt Millen and Benjon Barner have some variety in their ring collections. Millen and Barner have won the trophy four times and three times respectively. They stand out a bit from the crowd as they are the only two players to do so with three different teams. In this article, we will delve a little deeper into their sporting glory.

Matt Millen’s Amazing Super Bowl History

Millen is a former NFL star who left an indelible mark on the history of the game. During his twelve-year playing career, he left his mark on the pitch.

In 1980, Millen entered his name in the NFL draft, and the Oakland Raiders selected him in the second round. He enjoyed a memorable nine-year tenure with the Raiders. Millen’s aggressive style of play fits well with Ryder’s approach ‘Take no prisoners.’

Matt won the first of his four championships in 1981. The Raiders faced the Philadelphia Eagles for the coveted prize and defeated them 27–10. They repeated the feat again in 1983, when the Raiders faced off against the Washington Redskins. Millen and his team were too good for the Redskins, and they outscored the Redskins 38-9.

Milne left the Raiders in 1988 and joined the San Francisco 49ers. He won his third championship ring when the 49ers defeated the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XXIV, 55–10.

Milne signed with the Redskins prior to the 1991 season. His signing turned the tide for the Redskins as they beat the Buffalo Bills 37-24.

Matt Millen was a successful linebacker with 17 sacks, nine interceptions, which he returned for 132 yards and eight fumble recoveries. He retired from the game in 1991 after a successful season with the Redskins.

Canjon Barner

After Matt Millen, Kenjon Barner is the only other player to win three Super Bowls with three different teams. Barner is one of the most successful running backs in NFL history.

In 2017, Canjon signed a one-year contract for his second stint with the Eagles. The Eagles advanced to Super Bowl LII, where they defeated the New England Patriots 41–33. Kenjon had three kick returns for 73 net yards.

Barner joined the Patriots in 2018, but his run with them didn’t last long. After being cut three times, he played only five matches. Kenjon headed to the Carolina Panthers after five weeks with the Patriots. Despite his short tenure with the team, the Patriots gave Kenjo his own championship ring in 2019.

Canjon Barner
Barner has won the trophy with three different teams (Credit: Yahoo Sports, X)

The running back won his third championship with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Although he did not play, the Buccaneers defeated the Kansas City Chiefs 31–9.

Matt Millen and Kenjon Barner both had the most successful careers in NFL history. Winning a championship is often no easy feat. However, meshing with a new team and winning titles with three different teams is nothing short of remarkable.

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