“Orphan Black: Echoes” Episode 4 Preview: Danger lurks as Jules and Lucy aim to uncover the truth

Contains spoilers for “Orphan Black: Echoes” Episode 3 and Speculations for Episode 4

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: The first three episodes of “Orphan Black: Echoes” have been officially released on AMC+, introducing viewers to an exciting new chapter in the “Orphan Black” universe.

The series revolves around Lucy (Krysten Ritter), a young woman who discovers that she came out of the printer as part of a mysterious experiment.

As Lucy unravels the secrets of her past and the truth behind her creation, she is drawn into a dangerous world of conspiracy, betrayal, and scientific experimentation.

Let’s find out the events of “Orphan Black: Echoes” Episode 3 and speculate about what might happen in Episode 4.

What happened in “Orphan Black: Echoes” Episode 3?

Lucy kidnaps Jules in
Krysten Ritter as Lucy and Amanda Fix as Jules in a photoshoot from “Orphan Black: Echoes” (@amc+)

In “Orphan Black: Echoes” Episode 3, Jules (Amanda Fix) wakes up in a hospital bed and discovers that she has been in a coma for several weeks, having only been transferred to the hospital the day before.

She notices a red substance behind her ear before losing consciousness again. Soon after, Dr Pam Teller (Marnie McPhail) checks on her and explains that she is there to help her in recovering her memory.

Pam informs Jules that she was involved in a head-on collision with a driverless truck, resulting in the tragic deaths of her parents. Due to the accident, Jules experienced cerebral hypoxia, causing amnesia. Despite this, she does not remember any details of the incident. Later, a new family arrives to adopt her.

They bring her to their home, and her foster mother, Neva (Alexandra Castillo), allows Jules to choose the wall color based on the samples provided. As the episode progresses, viewers witness Jules studying at school.

Later, Lucy confides in Jack (Avan Jogia), revealing the truth about her identity. She explains that she cannot remember her past and she is not a natural person, but rather an artificially created one.

Lucy tries to get information about Jules from the hospital because of their striking resemblance. However, the receptionist threatens to call security. Later, Jack intervenes and escorts Lucy away from the situation.

Krysten Ritter as Lucy in a photo shoot of
Krysten Ritter as Lucy in ‘Orphan Black: Echoes’ photo shoot (@amc+)

Later, a woman informs Jules that she was fired from the hospital when she was placed with her adoptive family. Her discharge was authorized by her neuropsychologist.

As the episode progresses further, Jules asks Wes to read her diary to get her perspective. As she reviews its contents, she discovers a reference to a book titled “Pegazus Girl”. Jules becomes fascinated by the possibility that she may not have written the diary herself.

After meeting the author, Jules comes to the realization that she may not have written the diary herself. This revelation causes her to consider the possibility that she is an “imprinted form” and not a natural person.

Jules goes to meet Lucy, who suspects that Jules is a newer version of the printed forms. Lucy believes that Dr Pam is involved in the situation because she is also experiencing nightmares. Later, Jules reveals that there is a study drug at the school that induces “dream trips” in the students. Jules says she prepares the medicine herself and leaves to take it so they can take it together to see if it triggers any memories.

When she comes home, her foster parents tell her to take the pills given by Dr Pam and ask her to show her tongue to prove she really took them.

She takes the pills in front of them to avoid suspicion, but later, she discreetly goes to the bathroom and throws them up.

When will ‘Orphan Black: Echoes’ Episode 4 air?

Amanda Fix as Jules in a photo shoot of
Amanda Fix as Jules in ‘Orphan Black: Echoes’ photo shoot (@amc+)

Directed by Dawn Wilkinson and written by C. Quintana, “Orphan Black: Echoes” Episode 4, titled “It’s All Coming Back,” is set to premiere on AMC+ on Sunday, July 14, 2024.

There are three different subscription models to view the content on AMC+.

A monthly ad-free membership is $8.99 per month, while an annual ad-free membership costs $6.99 per month, totaling $83.88 annually.

For a lower cost, choose the $4.99/month package, which includes s.

What to expect in “Orphan Black: Echoes” Episode 4?

Krysten Ritter as Lucy in ‘Orphan Black: Echoes’ photo shoot (@amc+)

In “Orphan Black: Echoes” Episode 4, viewers can expect more twists and revelations as Jules and Lucy delve deeper into their mysterious pasts.

They could finally consume the experimental drug that induces a ‘dream trip.’ During the dream journey, Jules and Lucy can begin to piece together their fragmented memories. They may encounter visions of the cloning lab, a printer, shadowy figures in lab coats, and a younger version of Lucy, confirming their suspicions about their origins.

They could also discover the mystery behind the recurring dream where they see themselves in a bathroom with a knife and blood.

Together, Jules and Lucy can work to unravel the secrets of the organization that created them for scientific experiments. As they delve into their past, they could uncover a web of deception and manipulation by powerful forces that want to use them for their own purposes.

Jules’ journey in “Orphan Black: Echoes” may lead her to discover the truth about her origins and why she was adopted from the foster home. As she delves deeper into her past, she may uncover hidden secrets and dark truths that shed light on her identity and the reasons behind the experiments performed on her.

“Orphan Black: Echoes” Episode 3 is now streaming on AMC+

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