Paul Walter Hauser mocked for 2024 Emmys acceptance as actor chews food and licks fingers on stage

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Paul Walter Hauser won the 75th annual Primetime Emmys at the 2024 ceremony, winning the award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Limited or Anthology Series or Movie for his outstanding portrayal of the killer in Scary and nuanced series Larry Hall in Apple TV+. to show.

However, Hauser’s acceptance speech took an unconventional turn, as he audibly chewed and licked his fingers after being called on stage.

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This act caused some unease among fans, particularly when he kissed his wife with food still in his mouth, leading to many expressions of disgust online.

“Thank you TV academy voters, thank you mom and dad, you nurtured what was inside me. Dennis Lehane, Taron Egerton, your talent can move rocks. If I look big, it “That’s because I’m standing on both of their shoulders,” he said, chewing his food. However, this expression has destabilized many.

“Paul Walter Hauser, whether he’s shoveling food into his mouth or reading from his phone, has made every public speaking professor die of laughter,” one user said on Twitter.

Paul Walter Hauser, whether it was eating food in his mouth or reading on his phone, made every professor speaking in public cringe. #Emmys

— Jordan Stalker (@JordaanS) January 16, 2024

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“This man was eating and licking his fingers; he won and kissed his wife with food still in his mouth and he was still chewing food on stage. TF,” another added.

Was this man eating and licking his fingers? won and kissed his wife with food still in his mouth and he was still chewing food on stage. TF #Emmys

– Señor Lito (@KarlitoP) January 16, 2024

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“He should have waited in case they called him before eating anything. This is so weird,” said another.

He should have waited in case they called his name before eating anything. So weird.

— Brooke (@CrazyBoothSocks) January 16, 2024

“So mean,” one commented.

Too disgusting

– Señor Lito (@KarlitoP) January 16, 2024

“Ew,” commented another.


— Paula Bruno, PhD, LAc (@2HeartsWellness) January 16, 2024

In which category was Paul Hauser Walter nominated for the 2024 Emmys?

Paul is in the spotlight, having received a prestigious nomination for the ‘Primetime Emmy Award in the category of Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Limited or Anthology Series or Film.

This recognition places him alongside other talented nominees like Joseph Lee, competing in “Beef,” Mazino for “Young Mazino” and Murray Bartlett in “Welcome to Chippendales.”

However, the triumph belongs entirely to Paul, as he takes home the win thanks to his stellar performance in “Black Bird,” adding another accolade to his stellar career.

Paul took home a landslide 2024 Emmy win for Black Bird (Instagram/Paul Walter Hauser)
Paul won the 2024 Emmys for “Black Bird” (Instagram/@paulwhausergram)

What character does Paul Hauser Walter play in “Black Bird”?

In the series, Paul Hauser plays the character Larry Hall, a real-life character born in Wabash, Indiana, alongside his twin brother Gary. Despite their identical appearance, Larry faced challenges with a lower IQ and a speech impediment, subjecting him to bullying during his school years.

The Apple TV series “Black Bird” delves into the disturbing but intriguing true story of Larry Hall, a convicted kidnapper and suspected serial killer who is still alive to this day.

The series brings to life the complex narrative surrounding Larry’s life, exploring the depths of his character and the real events that took place.

Paul plays Larry Hall in the series
Paul plays Larry Hall in the series “Black Bird” (Instagram/@paulwhausergram)

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