Peter Rosello, Son of ‘RHOM’ Star Alexia Nepola, Stuns the Internet With His New Account on Adult Website

MIAMI, FLORIDA: After deciding to explore entrepreneurial opportunities, “Real Housewives of Miami” star Alexis Nepola’s son Peter Rosello enrolled at the Paris School of Business in France. Upon his return to Miami in 2017, he ventured into the field of commercial real estate sales.

However, his career suffered a setback with another arrest in January 2022. In more recent developments, Peter has embarked on a new venture by launching a lifestyle brand named Aeris.

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The brand offers a range of products including organic marijuana rolling papers, soy candles, air purifiers, and various other products.

However, more recently, Peter surprised the internet by venturing into the adult content platform. Fans were surprised when they discovered a link in his Instagram bio leading to his website, where they began to find him involved in this type of content.

Although he has not yet uploaded any content, he has indicated that he plans to do so in the near future. The move sparked criticism online, with some accusing Alexis of being a parent and questioning her son’s choice.

Many suggestions have surfaced, with some proposing that this surprising decision by Alexia’s son be featured in the upcoming season of “RHOM.”

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Others have speculated, implying that Alexia may be experiencing financial difficulties and raising questions about her ability to meet her rent obligations.

“His mom’s rent isn’t going to get paid. ESP because Todd is going bankrupt lmao,” one user added on Reddit.

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“Moms’ money must be running out,” added another.

“WHAT IS HAPPENING RN…this needs to be covered next season on RHOM,” one user commented.

“So, is this how he works towards this long-term relationship Alexia was talking about?” » asked one user.

“What the hell. Alexia, what are you going to do about this,” one user said.

“This guy clearly has nothing going for him, ugh,” said another.

How many children does ‘RHOM’ star Alexia Nepola have?

Alexia has two sons named Peter Rosello and Frankie Rosello. Peter and Frankie were born to Alexia from her previous marriage to Pedro Luis Rosello.

His eldest son, Peter Alexander Rosello, was born on August 11, 1992, making him 19 years old when “RHOM” Season 1 aired in 2011.

Their second son, Frankie Rosello, was born on February 25, 1997.

Alexia Nepola talks to her sons about her family's financial situation (Instagram/@alexiae_says)
Alexia Nepola with her sons (Instagram/@alexiae_says)

Who is Peter Rosella’s girlfriend?

Liza Kluegling was rumored to be the girlfriend of “RHOM” cast member Peter Rosello, although nothing has been officially confirmed.

Rosello faced legal issues when he was arrested and charged with misdemeanor battery in early January. The charges related to a domestic dispute during which he allegedly slapped and kicked his girlfriend.

The identity of the girlfriend remained unknown. According to the police report, Rosello kneaded the unnamed victim in the crotch area, causing her to fall to the ground, then kicked her while she was on the ground.

The woman chose not to cooperate, leading to the case being dismissed, saying she had decided “freely and voluntarily” not to press charges.

Peter Rosello's girlfriend accused him of violence (Instagram/rosellopeter)
Peter Rosello’s girlfriend accused him of violence (Instagram/rosellopeter)

How many times has ‘RHOM’ star Alexia Nepola been married?

Alexis Echevarria has been married three times. Her first husband was Pedro Rosello and their marriage lasted from 1992 to 1996.

After Pedro, she married Herman Echevarria in 2004. Unfortunately, the couple separated in 2015 and Herman died suddenly in 2016.

Later, on December 16, 2021, Alexia married real estate developer Todd Nepola.

Todd Nepola and Alexia Nepola were married in December 2021 (Instagram/@lifeaccordingtotodd)
Todd Nepola and Alexia Nepola were married in December 2021 (Instagram/@lifeaccordingtotodd)

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