Pierce Norton, a Boston police officer, died, what happened to him?

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Pierce Norton, Boston police officer

Pierce Norton, Boston police officer, dies

Due to a medical emergency, Boston Police Department Officer Pierce Fitzgerald Norton tragically passed away on Thursday, January 11th. On December 9, 2013, Officer Norton was appointed to the Boston Police Department after graduating from the Boston Police Academy. Prior to that, he was assigned to Districts B-3, A-1 and D-4 while working as a probation officer. Subsequently, he was designated a Boston Police Officer for life and placed in charge of District A-1. In 2018, Officer Norton was put in charge of the city’s bicycle unit. Officer Norton received numerous awards during his tenure for his dedication, including recognition for his response to standard of living complaints.

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Pierce Norton, Boston police officer

Officer Norton received a letter of recognition for his effective handling of the protest that took place in Boston in May 2020, while he was a member of the COBRA team and the Citywide Bicycle Unit. Additionally, the Citywide Bicycle Unit received recognition for their dedicated work in the form of a Unit Citation, which was presented at the Boston Police Relief Association’s annual awards ceremony in 2021. Officer Norton was greatly appreciated by all who knew him, including his colleagues and superiors. This was true for the people he served as well as those in the ministry.

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Pierce Fitzgerald Norton is currently an officer with the Boston Police Department. They reside in South Boston, a neighborhood in Boston. Officer Pierce Fitzgerald Norton has been a Boston Police officer for 10 years. In 2020, they received a total payment of $124,389.81. Among those working for the Boston Police Department in 2020, they were the 1,821st highest paid. The loss of Pierce Fitzgerald Norton, ID 116483, an active duty Boston Police Officer, on Thursday, January 11, 2024, is deeply regretted by the Boston Police Department (Official). Officer Norton joined the city’s bike unit on a mission. Stay tuned with us for the latest news.

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