Possible Future Plans for Rhea Ripley Revealed After Her WWE Return

When WWE began to transition from the Divas era to women’s wrestling, it was wrestlers like Rhea Ripley who rose to the pinnacle of stardom. When Rhea joined The Judgment Day, she not only became the unspoken leader of the group, but her storyline with Dominik Mysterio also became the hottest thing in WWE. However, during the April 8 episode, Rhea Ripley was attacked by Liv Morgan and sustained a plot injury.

Now, after the storyline injury and her real-life wedding, Rhea appeared on a recent episode of Raw that is driving fans crazy. It keeps them guessing as to what to expect from the former Women’s champion.

The return of Rhea Ripley will change the Liv Morgan-Dominik Mysterio chemistry

When Rhea Ripley was absent from action, Liv Morgan managed to be her replacement in every aspect. Even though she won the championship, the one thing that will make Rhea go ballistic over Liv is that she stole her Dom Dom from Rhea. Her return will change the newly formed dynamic between Liv Morgan and Dominik Mysterio.

It’s clear that Rhea wants it all back, and she’s coming for it. During the last interaction between Rhea and Liv, Liv fled the scene, but Rhea Ripley would ensure that it would not happen again. After that, Rhea and Dominik shared some tense moments, making it clear that WWE’s Mami is not entirely happy with what Dominik has been doing in her absence.

Fans are going crazy over the return of “Face” Rhea Ripley on Raw

It was known that Rhea Ripley would be coming back soon, and fans are excited to see The Eradicator Rhea Ripley back in action. However, a crucial question remains: will Rhea be a face or a heel in the coming storylines?

A recent update states that although Doomsday will remain a heel, Rhea is listed as a face, which may create tension between her and the group. Especially in recent segments, Damian Priest was the only one waiting for Rhea’s return, so we might even see the group break into smaller factions. But Rhea’s return left the fans talking, ensuring good viewer retention for next week’s Raw.

Rhea Ripley’s face turn may not work in the long run

Although this storyline between Rhea and Judgment Day requires a “face” Rhea Ripley, and the way things are going, Damian Priest might join Rhea’s gang as well. But on an individual run, Rhea’s face persona might not work. Why then?

Rea is the type of wrestler who needs that edge; her character requires that ruthless nature that cannot come with a face run. When she faces Liv Morgan or meets the rest of Judgment Day, she will definitely be treated as a face, but as soon as the story ends, she may go back to being a ruthless heel. And her heel run is in any case accompanied by the cheers of the fans, something along the lines of Seth Rollins or Tribal Chief Roman Reigns, who have the charisma to be cheered even as heels.

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