“Presumed Innocent”: Barbara Sabich’s steamy session may hide a darker truth

Contains spoilers and speculation about “Presumed Innocent”

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: While the central premise of Apple TV+’s courtroom drama series ‘Presumed Innocent’ is Rusty Sabich’s (Jake Gyllenhaal) attempt to prove his innocence, the show also expertly establishes Rusty’s family dynamics.

In the David E Kelly series, Rusty, a respected prosecutor, becomes the lead suspect in the murder case of Carolyn Polhemus (Renate Reinsve).

The show explores Rusty’s family dynamics, especially his relationship with his wife Barbara Sabich (Ruth Negga).

As we saw in the series, Barbara deals with the terrible revelation of her husband’s dishonesty but chooses to stay by his side, expressing her support despite the betrayal.

But later in the series she lets her guard down and has a fling with a bartender named Clifton ( Sarunas J Jackson ).

What happened between Barbara Sabich and Clifton in ‘Presumed Innocent’?

Ruth Negga and in a still from 'Presumed Innocent' (@appletv+)
Ruth Negga and in a still from ‘Presumed Innocent’ (@appletv+)

Barbara always supported her husband, Rusty, despite his infidelity, motivated by a desire to keep the family intact.

However, recent events indicate a change in her views when Barbara seeks solace in a pub after being harassed by the media and advised to take a break from work, confiding in a benevolent bartender named Clifton.

In another episode, after a heated argument with Rusty, who blames her for their marital affairs, Barbara again seeks solace in Clifton’s companionship.

Barbara begins to form a bond with Clifton after her therapist encourages her to appreciate her individuality when she nervously approaches him and, despite her misgivings, agrees to a date.

During the date, they share a kiss, which Barbara later tells her therapist was a way for her to escape her unhappy marriage and self-confidence issues.

Why does Barbara Sabich avoid an affair with Clifton in ‘Presumed Innocent’?

Ruth Negga as Barbara Sabich in a photo film by
Ruth Negga as Barbara Sabich in “Presumed Innocent” photo shoot (@appletv+)

Barbara’s main motivation for avoiding an affair with Clifton is her dedication to her family and her conflicted feelings for Rusty.

Despite her frustrations and the emotional support she receives from Clifton, Barbara is unwilling to fully commit to the cause.

She continues to have a strong, if problematic, relationship with Rusty, and her inner conflict is a reflection of her desire to fulfill her family obligations.

Barbara’s therapist also influences her behavior when she tells her to find comfort in the relationship with Clifton.

How to stream ‘Presumed Innocent’?

Jake Gyllenhaal, Chase Infiniti, Ruth Negga, and Kingston Rumi Southwick in a still from
Jake Gyllenhaal, Chase Infiniti, Ruth Negga, and Kingston Rumi Southwick in “Presumed Innocent” photo shoot (@appletv+)

In addition to ‘Presumed Innocent’, you can watch a wide range of content on Apple TV+ by subscribing to the streaming service.

For a monthly subscription fee of $9.99, consumers can watch all Apple TV+ original shows and movies.

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